Amity Tours Challenge to become a
Zero Waste Company

As a company offering responsible tourism in the Lake & Volcano District, Atacama Desert and Patagonia of Chile since 2003, we decided to take a new challenge towards becoming a Zero Waste Company. As a result, we are implementing several new measures:


In 2019 we started defining our waste generation during all our processes. As a result, we started improving the waste management each day to reach a Zero Waste Operation in the near future.



In order to prevent the production of waste, we have partnered up with local & organic food suppliers. This allows us to buy in bulk. Thus, it avoids the use of disposable plastics but also fuel the local economy.



We donate all of the remaining reusable water bottles after each operations’ season. In 2019, approximately 450 were donated to local sport clubs. Moreover, we highly encourage our clients to bring their own water bottles.



At our main office we did install a recycling point where we separate Plastics, Cans, Glasses, Paper/Carton and of course all the organic waste generated at our office. During the trips our guides and drivers set up an dismountable recycling point where clients and staff can dispose the residues to be collected at the hotels visiting during the trip. In addition, we separate and collect the organic matter to be transformed into compost. This compost will be used for our vegetables garden located at Amity Headquarter.

We are encouraging our local partners to join the Zero Waste Challenge. Sustainable practices and waste management are important focuses by electing our accommodations and food suppliers during the trips. By sharing our experiences and solution with partners and guests we contribute to a global Zero Waste Community.

In addition to the Zero Waste Challenge we started to work on a Climate Emergency Plan. We want to reach carbon neutrality and for that, we are working on several improvements. First of all, we are taking the carbon emission calculation very serious, as this is the most important information to find sustainable solutions and make significant changes.


In 2020, we started working with local scientists and the Mapuche community in a reforestation project, where we will be able to offset our non-avoidable carbon emissions on a local basis. Not only we want to reach carbon neutrality as a long-term goal, but also contribute with environmental education by sharing our knowledge to the local community and clients.

Furthermore, we want to show other local tour operators and tourism suppliers, that we all can contribute to a healthier future. We are happy to accompany our partners on this sustainable journey

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2020: Amity Tours Moving Towards Becoming a Zero Waste Company