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Atacama Desert



7 days




Northern Chile


June to November

USD $3.455

Per person in DBL

7-Day Bike and Hike Women Tour - Atacama Desert

Ladies – Let's enjoy an unforgettable journey in the driest desert in the world.
During this unique bike and hike tour, especially designed by women for women, we will immerse ourselves into the ancestral culture of the Likan Antai people. In addition, we'll explore the most beautiful spots around San Pedro de Atacama, by foot and by bike. We will enjoy tasty local food, get to know local traditions, discover the open skies, and relax in thermal natural hot springs. Our very unique accommodation offers us perfect moments to relax and enjoy the yoga sessions and other well-being moments. A tour for adventure women and nature lovers!

Atacama Desert Women Tour Highlights

  • Explore the hidden corners of the driest desert in the world
  • Ckari Gorge trail hike in Moon Valley
  • Star-gazing experience 
  • Cejar Lagoon and Ojos del Salar
  • Atacama Salt Flat and endemic fauna and flora
  • Savor Chilean cuisine and taste the best local wines 
  • Cacti Valley, Guatín ancient settlement and Puritama hot springs
  • Third largest Geothermal field in the world: Tatio Geysers
  • Cultural experience and special encounter with the Likan Antai indigenous women



For flight quotes (international and domestic), please contact our partner Exito Travel.  

Before we kick off our hiking tour in the Atacama Desert, you should take a day or two to adjust to local time and recover from your travels, and allow for any flight or luggage delays. You should fly into Calama airport (CJC).

In Chile, domestic flights are operated by 3 local airline companies: LatamSky Airline and JetSmart.

We recommend staying at Hotel La Casa de Don Tomás in San Pedro de Atacama, which is well-located with lots of restaurants and other facilities just a short walk away.

Suggested Hotels

Official Airport Transfer

The official shuttle company at Calama’s Airport is called TransVip.

They are the only authorized shuttle company at the airport, and their staff wears a green and orange uniform.
By contract with the airport, they must have available transport based in the domestic flights arriving every day.

They have a counter at the airport, on the ground floor next to the car rental companies.

They offer regular shuttles to San Pedro de Atacama at $12.000 pesos (USD $17 per person), and they need a minimum of 4 people.

If they don’t have the 4 minimum passengers, or if you want to have a private shuttle, with the same company you can do it at $75.000 (USD $100 per vehicle).

You don’t need reservations and you can pay in Credit Card or Cash. The ATM is on ground floor.

All their shuttle services will drop you off at the hotel or address you are staying in San Pedro de Atacama. Driving time is approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes.


On our first day, you will meet our team of local professional guides at our meeting hotel. They will go over all logistic details and help you fit your bike to your satisfaction.

Morning Bike Ride. Today we will have a great introductory experience to the Likan Antay culture and its way of living. We will leave the hotel by bike and ride through different ayllus.

The Ayllu is an ancient type of organization and land management. Created by the Altiplano people who inhabited these desert sites, that’s how they got to manage to settle down and develop their culture. It’s quite a challenge to survive in the most complex conditions of this isolated place, in the middle of the driest desert in the world.

We will pass by Solcor, Sequitor & Tulor. Here we will make our first stop in order to visit the archeological site Tulor, one of the oldest archaeological sites in northern Chile that was excavated by the famous archeologist Ana Maria Baron. 

Then, we will meet a friendly Likan Antay woman and her family at the ayllu of Coyo. She will share with us some of her daily activities and ancestral cosmovision. She has worked on emphasizing the ancestral caravan with llamas.

We will enjoy lunch at a local restaurant in Coyo, where we will be able to taste typical food prepared with local products. Finally, we will bike back to the hotel, rest from the sun and get prepared four our afternoon excursion.

Afternoon Walking Excursion. In the afternoon, we will drive from San Pedro to the town of Toconao. Upon arrival, we will visit the main Plaza, the Church and the historic bell tower. All of them are historic symbols of this town.

Afterwards, we will continue towards Chaxa Lagoon located in Los Flamencos National Reserve, where the Atacama Salt Flat is located. This National Reserve is formed by a gigantic depression of more than 3.500 km2, located 2.300 meters above sea level.

The Atacama salt flat is the biggest salt field in Chile and its large quantities of salt make the surface white and rough. The dryness and altitude of the salt field allow an excellent panoramic view of the area.

There, we will wait until sunset and then head back to our hotel in San Pedro (in summer sunset is around 9:00 pm and in winter around 6:00 pm). Dinner is on your own, ask our guides for good dining recommendations.

Accommodation: Atacama Loft 
Meals: Welcome lunch
Today’s ride distance: 30 kilometers / 18,6 miles
Driving time: 25 minutes


Morning Hike. After breakfast, departure from your hotel towards the North-East. The excursion starts out by ascending from the Guatín settlement surrounded by hundred-year-old cactus. 

The hike begins climbing along a 250-meters (820-feet) slope towards the Puritama hot springs. Once we reach the hot springs, we will relax in mineral hot water and enjoy snacks. 

Distance Hiking: 6,8 kilometers / 4.22 miles
Elevation: 3.600 meters above sea level / 11.810 feet

Afternoon Hike. During the afternoon, we’ll head toward the Moon Valley, located in the Salt Mountain Range, which forms a natural barrier between the Pacific Ocean and the Atacama Salt Flat. The hike starts at the Coyote rock, a strange rock formation and getting deep into the mountain range and it geologic forms. 

We’ll hike 2 hours by the Kari George, admiring beautiful views of Atacama. The Moon is well-known due to it statuesque and rocky formations. Salt emerges to the surface, covering the surface with a dry, whitish layer that gives the place a lunar aspect.

Distance Hiking: 8 kilometers / 5 miles
Elevation: 2.400 meters above sea level / 7.875 feet
Accommodation: Atacama Loft 
Meals: Breakfast and picnic lunch
Driving time: 35 minutes before the hike & 40 minutes after the hike

We will travel south towards the Altiplanic Lagoons, gaining altitude to enter the puna highlands and surprise ourselves with its particular vegetation: wildlife, lagoons and salt flats. It is where, without any doubt, the Miscanti Lagoon stands out: the largest in the entire Antofagasta region.

Later, we visit the town of Socaire, where the indigenous community still preserves part of the traditional Atacameñan way of life. In this small town, we will pay Ada and her family a visit. The women of the family still keep alive the tradition of weaving, carrying out the complete process, from the spinning of wool to the production of the most traditional items in the area such as clothing and others.

We will enjoy lunch at the Guest House of the Indigenous Community of Socaire. After lunch, we will go to the town of Talabre, in the middle of the prepuna. There, accompanied by a local guide from the Talabre indigenous community, we will walk through Kezala, one of the gorges, that connects the high Andes Mountains with the Salar de Atacama basin. That treasure’s an invaluable archaeological heritage in rock art.

Later, we can enjoy a tasting of Lican Antai products before driving back to our hotel in San Pedro de Atacama.

Back at our home base, we will have a nice yoga session with a professional yoga teacher.

Accommodation: Atacama Loft 
Meals: Breakfast and picnic lunch
Hiking distance: 1,5 kilometers / 0,93 mile (Altiplanic Lagoons) – 4 kilometers / 2,48 miles (Kezala)
Driving time: 3 hours


Today, we will drive towards Machuca village where we will enjoy the wetlands and also be able to appreciate different bird species. We will have time for a rest and get prepared to start hiking.

We will hike along a creek towards Río Grande, a very charming and authentic village. During this exploration, we will observe native fauna and typical Andean farming terraces. The path is an old caravan trail and goes alongside the river. We will pass by Peñaliri, an abandoned village and continue hiking until we reach Rio Grande. A local family will be expecting us with a traditional lunch.

Finally, we’ll head back to the village. We’ll enjoy a sunset cocktail and eat dinner together at the lodge.

Accommodation: Atacama Loft 
Meals: Breakfast and picnic lunch
Hiking distance: 14 kilometers / 8,70 miles
Driving time: 2,5 hours


Morning excursion. This morning, after breakfast, we will enjoy a pleasant bike ride leaving from San Pedro in the direction of the salt flat. We will cross the ayllus of Solor and Cucuter, and enter the desert until we reach the famous Cejar Lagoon.

There, we can enjoy a pleasant swim floating in the saline waters. We will continue by vehicle towards the Tebenquiche lagoon (optional: you can continue by bike), where we will enjoy the beautiful landscapes accompanied with a snack in a pleasant state of relaxation.

Afternoon excursion. After lunch, we’ll head towards the Salt Mountain Range where the Mars Valley is located. This mountain range forms a natural barrier between the Pacific Ocean and the Atacama Salt Flat. Upon ascending a small dune, we will hike north along one of the cornices bordering the Mars Valley.

The stunning panoramic views allows us to appreciate how erosion has created the Salt Mountain Range, revealing the geological processes that shaped it. The most fun part of the excursion is a steep but enjoyable descent down a dune, from where we cross the valley on our way back to the van. Dinner is on your own, ask our guides for good dining recommendations.

Accommodation: Atacama Loft 
Meals: Breakfast 
Hiking distance: 4 kilometers / 2,48 miles
Biking distance: 18 kilometers / 11,1 miles
Driving time: 45 minutes (morning) / 30 minutes (afternoon)

With the sunrise, we’ll head towards one of the entrances to the Andean highlands. We will contemplate important ecosystems of extraordinarily rich biodiversity like the bogs of Machuca and Putana; to finally reach the world famous Tatio Geysers.

From there, we will start a walk through the geothermal field, and then continue along the banks of the Río Blanco through the trails formed by the vicuñas pass, until we reach the magnificent white Geyser.

Finally, we will hike back to the van. We will enjoy a picnic lunch at the geothermal field where you will be able to appreciate great views and bath in the thermal pools. 

Return to San Pedro de Atacama where you can rest and relax before a special activity at night.

Night excursion. The night in the Atacama Desert, its starry sky and the presence of ancient fire, give life to a unique and unrepeatable experience where the knowledge of the Andean cosmovision of the skies meets the scientific understanding of the stars.

We will combine traditional scientific astronomy with the ancient Andean vision of the first astronomers of the place, long before the first telescope. As a complement, we will also have the possibility to observe the stars through a modern telescope.

Accommodation: Atacama Loft 
Meals: Breakfast, picnic lunch and evening cocktail
Hiking distance: 4,5 kilometers / 2,80 miles
Driving time: 2,5 hours


Accompanied by our guide, we will walk through the streets of San Pedro to learn a little more about its history and formation, but also to finish familiarizing ourselves with some of the challenges that characterize and influence social organization, politics and life in this place.

We will finish this tour enjoying a delicious appetizer in the village, followed by a tasty lunch in a famous restaurant.

Afterwards, we will get prepared to drive to the airport of Calama (CJC).

End of our services.

Meals: Breakfast and lunch
Hiking time: 2 hours
Driving time: 1,5 hours


women tour atacama chile


Intermediate. Intended for active people who are comfortable participating in up to 4-5 hours of physical activity per day. Tours at this level generally involve activities of moderate intensity and/or a more vigorous pace. These activities may include hiking on difficult terrain (sometimes steep and/or uneven trails, with obstacles such as wet logs, branches and muddy areas), cycling up to 4 hours

A reasonable level of fitness is required, as these hiking and biking trips can require sustained endurance levels, hills and longer days.

Road Safety

Besides your own on-road safety gear (helmet, rear view mirrors, bright colored jerseys and gloves), we provide a support vehicle that drives at the rear of the group with a road-sign alerting other drivers the presence of bike riders on the road.

Drivers in Chile are used to bicycles on the road, so they shouldn’t bother you while riding. All our staff communicates by radio at all times.

Itinerary Modifications

Slight itinerary modifications might occur due to weather and or road conditions, or force majeure.

Weather notes

We suggest visiting the web for current conditions in Chile and doing your own research on this topic. or

The Atacama Desert is commonly known as the driest place in the world. Although the almost total lack of precipitation is the most prominent characteristic of the Atacama Desert, exceptions may occur. The Invierno Boliviano or Altiplano Winter is a phenomenon which can produce a little rain and abundant electrical storms, and occurs in January and February. 

The average rainfall is about 15 mm. (0.59 in) per year. This desert is so arid that many mountains higher than 6,000 metres (20,000 ft) are completely free of glaciers. Indeed, only the highest peaks have some permanent snow coverage.

In San Pedro de Atacama, the local climate is extremely dry and mild, with daytime temperatures between 25ºC to 30ºC  (77ºF–86ºF) in the summer (December to February) and 18ºC to 25 °C (64 to 77 °F) in the winter (June to August). Night time temperatures routinely drop below 0 °C (32 °F) and can reach as low as −10 °C (14 °F) in the winter.




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