Mapu Lahual Trekking Chile


7 days




Mapu Lahual


December to March

USD $2.460

Per person in DBL

7-Day Mapu Lahual Trekking - Lake and Volcano District

Discover a hikers’ paradise in South America: The Epic Pacific Coastal Trek at the network of Indigenous Parks Mapu Lahual. Explore this fascinating part of the country dominated by the Pacific Ocean, pristine beaches and Patagonia Temperate Rain Forests. Together with friendly locals, you will hike the trails of the Coastal Mountain Range, visit local indigenous communities and learn about their ancestral knowledge and cosmovision.

Trekking Mapu Lahual Tour Highlights

  • Mapu Lahual network of Indigenous Parks
  • Meet the Huilliche indigenous community and share their ancestral culture and cosmovision
  • Southern Chile Pacific Coast
  • Huellelhue, Condor and Manquemapu Coves
  • Savor Chilean and typical indigenous cuisine
  • Kayaking, fishing & seafood gathering
  • Hike through thousand-years-old forests and pristine beaches
  • Puerto Varas city and Llanquihue Lake


For flight quotes (international and domestic), please contact our partner Exito Travel.  

Before we kick off our trekking tour in Mapu Lahual, you should take a day or two to adjust to local time and recover from your travels, and allow for any flight or luggage delays. You should fly into Osorno airport (ZOS).

In Chile, domestic flights are operated by 3 airline companies: LatamSky Airline and JetSmart.

We recommend staying at Blumenau Apart Hotel in the city, which is well-located with restaurants, shops and other facilities just a short walk away. It is also located 1,9 km / 1,18 miles from the bus terminal.

Official Airport Transfer

The official shuttle company at Osorno Airport is called SurVip. We recommend to book the shuttle beforehand.

Our meeting hotel address is JULIO BUSCHMAN 2453, OSORNO.

We will meet in the city of Osorno in the morning, before driving towards Maicolpue bay (approximately 2 hours).

Once arrived, we will have a briefing orientation session about this epic trekking trip. We will enjoy with our local guides, and stay overnight in Maicolpue in order to leave early towards the trek starting point the next day.

Accommodation: Maicolpue family house
Meals: Welcome dinner

Starting from the northern territory of Mapu Lahual Indigenous Park, we will begin our trekking towards Caleta Huellelhue (cove). In company of our local guide, we will hike along narrow paths through the coastal temperate rain forest, until we reach the Pitril River Valley.

Here we will board a boat that will take us across the Huellelhue River towards Caleta Huellelhue. Upon arrival, we will meet the local families that will host us in their homes.

During the evening, we will have the chance to walk by the river and admire this remote landscape. 

Accommodation: Huellelhue local family houses.
Meals: Breakfast, picnic lunch and dinner
Time hiking: 6-7 hours               
Navigation time: 30 minutes

After breakfast, we will take a boat and navigate towards La Barra Beach. Here we’ll have the chance to practice our fishing abilities. With our local guides we will try to fish our lunch. We will enjoy the views of this  pristine beach of the Pacific Ocean.

Afterwards, we will take the boat back to our base and savor our home-made lunch. In the afternoon, we’ll hike towards Ranu beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in the area. If we are lucky we can spot Chilean dolphins playing and surfing the waves. We will hike for about 3 to 4 hours and then go back to our host-house. Dinner and lodging in Family Houses at Huellelhue Cove.

Accommodation: Huellelhue cove family house
Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner
Time Hiking: 4-5 hours

Navigation time: 1 hour

Today we will continue trekking towards the southern territory of Mapu Lahual. During the trek, we will pass again by the beautiful Ranu Beach and the Lonko Pedro Loy community park, managed by the Loy Cumilef community.

Moreover, we will hike across the Gilberto Cumilef Quintul Park, which belongs to Condor Cove village. Here we will visit the Condor Alerzal (ancient larch tree forest).

Upon arriving at Caleta Condor, we will board a boat and navigate towards the family houses. During the afternoon, we will enjoy the beach at Condor Bay. 

Accommodation: Families’ houses at Caleta Condor 
Meals: Breakfast, picnic lunch and dinner
Time Hiking: 5 to 6 hours

During the morning, we will hike to the Alerce Milenario (ancient larch tree). We will hike through this “gentle jungle” of the coastal temperate rainforest, finding amazing native species until we reach the oldest larch tree in the area (Fitzroya cupressoides).

Then, we’ll hike back to our family house and eat lunch with them. In the afternoon, we will have the chance to discover the wonders of Caleta Condor. Some options are: 

  • Sit-on-top kayaking in Condor and Chaiguako rivers
  • Fishing or seafood gathering with the locals.
  • Optional: Scuba diving (USD $80 per person)
Accommodation: Family houses in Caleta Condor.
Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner
Time Hiking: 4 hours

After breakfast, we will board a boat and navigate through the Chaiwako River until we reach the Cholguaco area. Here we will start our last trekking to the top of the Pacific Coastal Mountain Range.

During 2.5 hours, we will hike through the rainforest and enjoy panoramic views.

Upon arriving to El Ojo area (the Eye) we will take 4×4 pick-up trucks towards Rio Negro village. Here we will take our transfer towards Puerto Varas city.

On arrival we will have a rest and enjoy a farewell dinner on a restaurant in town.

Accommodation: Cabaña del Lago Hotel
Meals: Breakfast, picnic lunch and dinner
Time Hiking: 3 hours

Sadly, it’s time to say goodbye to this amazing area located in the Lake and Volcano District.

After breakfast, we’ll take a private transfer to Puerto Montt airport (PMC) to catch your flight towards your next destination.

End of our services.

Meals: Breakfast


Intermediate/Advanced: You love hiking. These hiking tours are physically demanding and best suited for people with previous experience.

These tours are intended for active people who are comfortable participating in up to 6-8 hours hiking per day. A typical day may include hiking over fairly hilly terrain offering lots of challenges. Trails are along high meadow paths and/or maintained cliffside or Andean trails, with some steep ascents to make you feel exhilarated.

Itinerary Modifications

 Slight itinerary modifications might occur due to weather and or road conditions, or force majeure.

Packing List


  • Synthetics are easier to wash and dry 
  • Synthetic thermal underwear
  • Lightweight long underwear top and bottom of a polyester-type fabric
  • Wool and wool/synthetic blends are also suitable


  • Long-sleeved, synthetic or wool shirt
  • Short-sleeved synthetic or cotton/synthetic T-shirts
  • Medium-weight sweater or jacket of synthetic fabric, such as fleece.
  • Gore-Tex wind parka for rainy weather
  • Full-length pants, preferably of quick-drying synthetic fabric
  • Hiking shorts, preferably of quick-drying synthetic fabric
  • Pile/fleece pants, ideal for relaxing time after hiking


  • Sun hat with wide brim, preferably with a chin strap to keep it from blowing off
  • Bandanna. It will keep your neck from getting sunburned and can double as a hand towel.
  • Wool or pile hat or ski cap
  • Gloves or mittens (wool or pile)

Foot wear 

  • Sturdy, properly fitting footwear can make your trip much more pleasurable. If you’re buying new boots for this trip, please break them in beforehand by wearing them as often as possible before the trip
  • Medium-weight, all leather, sturdy trekking boots with padded ankle, good arch support, and a lug sole traction. Your trekking boots should be well broken in, and suitable for prolonged walking on sandy and rocky terrain. 
  • Running shoes are NOT appropriate for this trip
  • Medium weight synthetic socks (we recommend Thorlo® Lt. Trekking)
  • Athletic socks (synthetic for easy washing and drying) that are suitable for the shoes you’ll be wearing while in towns.
  • Inner socks (synthetic) that can be washed and dried quickly

Other Items

  • Swimsuit (for the beach)
  • One set of casual city clothes that are dressier than your trek clothes (for Puerto Varas city)
  • Hiking poles (optional but highly recommended). These are helpful, if not essential, to relieve the impact on your knees during long downhills
  • Camera with plenty of memory, and Binoculars

Travel Accessories

  • Wide mouth water bottles, 1-liter capacity. Bring two and make sure they are leak-proof, heavy duty plastic (preferably Nalgene brand).
  • Toiletry kit 
  • Moisturizing lotion, ace bandage or brace if you’re prone to sore knees or ankles
  • Sunglasses (very important)
  • Sunscreen of SPF or higher. The sun in Chile can be much more intense than you probably imagine, even in the Lake & Volcano District!
  • Sunscreen lipstick of SPF 30 or higher
  • Small flashlight with spare batteries, or small headlamp with spare batteries
  • Zip-lock bags (they’re great for camera gear)
  • Personal first aid kit
  • Swiss Army-type pocket knife with can opener and scissors.

Your favorite snack food

We’ll have plenty of excellent food, but you might want to bring along your favorite snack food (such as raisins or chocolate).

Weather Notes

We suggest visiting the web for current conditions in Chile and doing your own research on this topic. or

Generally the weather in this area is very similar to Northern California, specially the coast side.

Late October and November (spring time in the southern hemisphere) present milder temperatures (50°F / 77°F) with some scattered rain.

During December you can start feeling the beginning of the summer with temperatures around 50°F / 81°F. 

In January and February temperatures range between 60°F / 95°F.

Remember that you are visiting the Lake & Volcano district, so always expect some rain!


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