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villarrica gravel biking

8-Day Gravel Cycling Tour - Lake and Volcano District, Southern Chile

Discover and pedal the hidden off-the-beaten routes of Chile’s Lake and Volcano District with the new gravel modality. During 8 days, you will explore the most famous national parks of southern Chile, surrounded by native forests and active volcanoes.

You will also connect with the Mapuche communities, an authentic cultural encounter with the first inhabitants of this ancestral territory.

Ruta Parque Nacional Villarrica 07 Chile

8-Day Road Cycling Tour - Lake and Volcano District, Southern Chile

Discover the most spectacular routes of the region and ride among active volcanoes and glacial lakes. Join us and ride across Chile’s first Scenic Route called Lake and Volcano.

Together with friendly locals, you will pedal alongside the Andes mountains, green rolling meadows and through national parks, visit local ethnic villages and relax in soothing natural hot springs.


Ruta 7 Lagos 39 Chile

7-Day Bike and Hike Tour - Lake and Volcano District, Southern Chile

Hiking and biking southern backroads is easily the best way to explore Chile’s Lake and Volcano District.

This well supported biking and hiking program has been curated especially for active people who love nature.

7-Day Bike and Hike Tour - Atacama Desert, Northern Chile

Explore by foot and bike the driest desert in the World. Discover the Atacama with its andean villages and ride among salt flats, volcanoes, lagoons & endemic flora and fauna.

Mtb Chile

7-Day Mountain Bike Tour - Lake and Volcano District, Southern Chile

Riding the incredible roads for MTB in the national parks is the best way to discover the Lake and Volcano District.

Surrounded by the Andes mountain range, volcanoes and glacial rivers, you will explore mountain biking the best off-the-beaten paths Southern Chile has to offer.

mtb patagonia

6-Day Mountain Bike Tour - Patagonia, Chile

Explore and ride incredible tracks of the best mountain bike tour in the Chilean Patagonia. During this unique experience, you will discover the diverse landscapes of the area, in addition to ride the stunning off-the-beaten-paths located in the famous Torres del Paine National Park.



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