Meet our team

caitlin macnamara amity


Senior Travel Expert

Originally from Chicago, Caitlin backpacked southern Chile in 2015 and in 2017 she officially made the leap from academia to tailor-made tourism. She loves sharing her passion and insider knowledge about Chile’s hidden gems with guests from all around the world, and she’s especially grateful that thanks to her work, she is now be able to travel more frequently to the spectacular Lake and Volcano District.


Operations & Logistics Manager

Marie-Lou is originally from France and has been living in Chile since 2014. She loves travelling and getting to learn more about the different cultures worldwide. She now lives in Pucón where she enjoys exploring the Lake and Volcano District.

Erica Gonzalez


Administration & Finance Manager

Born and raised in the beautiful city of Pucón, Erica is a lover of animals and nature. She enjoys partaking in dynamic outdoors activities such as trekking, where she can recharge thanks to the connection with nature.


Operations & Logistics Assistant

Avid cyclist for the past 9 years and president of a Chilean cycling team, Nicolás will provide a comprehensive service for each guest and their bike. Born in Concepción, Chile, he sharpened his english language skills in Chicago, USA.



Tour Guide

Rogelio is Chilean and lives in Neltume with his wife and two daughters. He is a profesional mountain guide, a mountain bike instructor and a wilderness first responder. Rogelio loves riding his mountain bike and skiing the southern volcanoes of Chile.

Francisco Duath Guide Amity


Tour Guide

Juan Francisco is one of our top mountain biking guides. He loves adventure sports and he is a famous trail runner in Chile. He has Mapuche blood and knows all about our local history. Juan Francisco is also a professional adventure guide and a wilderness first responder.

igor sheihing


Tour Guide

With a degree in Ecotourism, Igor is an enthusiastic guide (and excellent cook) with a love of exploring nature. He has spent the past 14 years traveling and leading excursions throughout Chile, allowing him to foster a deep relationship with both the land and the local communities who inhabit it. He strongly believes that through tourism, we will be able to achieve sustainable development. Above all, he feels grateful to hold a job that fulfills these passions!

David Joos Amity


Tour Guide

David is originally from Belgium and lives in Pucon with his wife and kids. He is one of our most complete guides. Besides being a firefighter, David is also a certified mountain guide and a whitewater paddle sports instructor. He loves kayaking, biking and run triathlons, (especially the IronMan of Pucon). Like any person from Belgium, he is a big fan of beer.

nicolas estrada amity


Tour Guide

Nicolas is originally from Pucón and has been working as guide for the past 12 years, with his specialty being mountain tourism and skiiing. He loves all types of activities related to the mountains, especially hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, cross-country skiing, and ice hiking. During the winter season, he works as a ski patrol at a ski center in central Chile.

matias medina


Tour Guide

Matías is a professional mountain guide and an outdoor sports lover who has forged his passion for the mountain in the southern routes of the Chilean Patagonia. He studied in the UFRO University and holds a degree in Adventure Tourism, besides being registered as national guide by SERNATUR. Nowadays he enjoys living in Pucón with his family, finding peace in the Lake and Volcano District.

ernesto amity


Tour Guide

Ernesto is Chilean. As a professional cyclist, he has vast experience of more than twenty years, holding the title of mountain bike national champion in 2010. He guides our road cycling tours in the Lake & Volcano District.

gonzalo amity


Tour Guide

Gonzalo is a professional mountain guide and a wilderness first responder. He lives in Valdivia with his wife and children and is one of our best hiking and cycling guides. Currently, Gonzalo is a graduate student of Geology at UACh. Cristian, our founder, recruited him when Gonzalo was his best student at Pucon’s Tourism Community College.

ruben amity


Tour Guide

Ruben is one of Amity’s top guides. Born and raised in Pucon, he loves adventure sports. His hobby is running adventure races and triathlons. He proudly belongs to the indigenous Mapuche community, and knows all about our local flora and fauna.



Tour Guide

Baudio has been providing Amity guests privileged access to many of the hidden gems found off the beaten path here in Chile for the past 4 years. When not exploring with us, he loves to spend time outside, play sports, and try new recipes.

patrick amity


Tour Guide

Patrick is originally from Switzerland, and lives in Villarrica with his Chilean wife and kids. Apart from his beekeeping family business, Patrick really loves sharing his vast knowledge of Chilean culture and nature during our hiking tours.



Tour Guide

Guido is Swiss and an International Mountain Guide. He has been in Chile for more than twenty years, and lives in Lican Ray with his family. He is the head guide for our skiing & trekking experiences in the Lake & Volcano District.

Bernardo Gonzalez Amity


Transport Manager

Bernardo is our head of transportation. He was born and raised in Pucon. He likes to play the accordion and knows all the backroads of the Lake and Volcano District. You will see him driving the van, helping you with bike mechanics and also making our fantastic picnic lunch.



Driver & Assistant

Orlando is Bernardo's brother and also a top driver. He is very good at spotting wild animals. You will see him driving the van, helping with bike mechanics and also making our fantastic picnic lunches.

juan amity


Driver & Assistant

Juan is one of our dedicated drivers who has been working in the local tourism industry for more than 25 years. In his free time, he is a dedicated football player and fisherman, as well as an avid dog-walker with his furry companions.

eladio amity


Driver & Assistant

Eladio is a seasoned driver who joined the Amity team in 2016, and has been working and continuously sharpening his craft in the tourism industry since 2005. His passions are "asado" (traditional Chilean barbecue), football, and spending as much time in nature as possible.

eduardo recondo amity


Driver & Assistant

Eduardo is originally from the city of Temuco and has lived in Pucón for the past 18 years. He loves taking in the stunning landscapes of southern Chile while hiking, kayaking, or during any of his outings with Amity as an experienced driver.

Simon amity


Driver & Assistant

Simón is not just one of Amity’s expert drivers, but also quite literally part of the family; he, Orlando, and Bernardo are cousins! He has more than 18 years of experience working in tourism and enjoys all types of outdoor activities, especially if they involve cycling and observing animals in their natural habitat.

javier amity


Driver & Assistant

Javier is originally from the beautiful south of Chile and his job as a driver involves showing guests from all over the world the up close and personal splendor of the land that he admires so much. When not driving with us, he also adores spending additional time in nature by practicing wildlife photography.

Eduardo Alfaro Brand Manager


Brand Manager

Eduardo, is our Partner and Brand Manager, he is our Online Business Consultant. He lives in Spain and runs Click Emprendedores. He takes care of the Amity Tours Brand, Graphic Designs, online reputation, visibility and all our side projects.

german amity


Director of Strategy

Germán is our Director of Strategy and has a Master Degree in Tourism Business Administration. At present he is responsible for developing new businesses and the strategies for the future of Amity Tours.

Cristian Levy


CEO & Founder

Cristián is our CEO and lives in California with his family. He has a Master Degree in Tourism Business Administration. Cristian is in charge of making major company decisions, and managing the overall operations and resources of Amity Tours.

Alejandro Boss


"The Boss"

Alejandro, “The Boss” is Chilean and a former engineer. His biggest passion is skiing. Alejandro lives in the city of Temuco and is the founder and leader of this wonderful organization. 

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