Border Protection Plan 2022 – CHILE

chile opening border

If you’re looking for the requirements to enter Chile in 2022, you’ve just arrived at the right place. In this post, we will report the latest updates regarding sanitary measures and the travel requirements  you need to know before your trip to Chile.


The international terminal (T2) at SCL (Santiago Airport) is now located in a separate building than the domestic terminal (T1). 7-min walking distance.  

Watch this video for detailed information about arriving at T2 and going to T1:



Here is the information regarding the current border situation in Chile. All this information is valid, starting December 1st 2022.

Official websites:  


In a nutshell: 


You don’t need to do any application to enter Chile. Just need valid passport. 

Bring prof of vaccination (in paper or photo). This may or may not be required by local authorities.  

 Please note that the covid-19 vaccines recognized by the ISP (Chilean Institute of Public Health) are the following: 

  • Pfizer-BioNTech 
  • Corona Vac  
  • AstraZeneca 
  • CanSino  
  • Janssen
  • mRNA 1273/Spikevax 

 Make sure your vaccine certificate is issued by an official body in your home-country. Vaccine certificate must have a QR code or barcode. 

  •      When booking your domestic flight, allow 3 to 4 hours between the arrival of your international flight and the departure time of your domestic flight, just to be sure you’ll be on time. 
  •        Once you enter Chile, you have 90 days to travel (normal tourist visa).


Upon arrival


  •    Your flight has landed in Chile. As you leave the aircraft, local officials will indicate the line you need to follow for your passport control. 
  •    If you are flying into Chile, you may or may not be asked to take a PCR test here at the airport upon arrival (free of charge). As of March 10th, it is being performed randomly. However, if you are not pulled aside to take a PCR, you should proceed to Passport control. If you are selected to take a PCR Test, the results take up to 24 hours (our current guests have experienced getting the lab results within 10-12hours).
  • You will see QR codes to be scanned published on the walls of the airport hallway. This is the digital affidavit for the Agricultural Service and Customs. You can do it while you wait in line for passport control.
  •       Followed by Passport control, you will go to Customs and SAG (Agricultural Service) control. There is a mandatory Digital Affidavit that all adults must fill-in. This is done online upon arrival (at the airport), you can access the form here: Click on INICIAR TRAMITE and follow instructions.
  •        Travelers will be able to make their domestic flight connections the same day they arrive in Chile. NO quarantine is required. 
  •       If you are coming from the USA or Europe, most international flights arrive at SCL between 7am and 10am. Make sure your domestic flight departs from SCL at noon (12:00) or later. 
  • Collect all your luggage from the baggage carousels, and proceed to exit the automatic doors. If you are taking a domestic flight, proceed to Terminal T1 following T1 signs. It is a 7-min walk from T2 to T1. 


As you already know, we are living through moments of constant changes. In this view, don’t hesitate to ask our team about the last travel restrictions when planning your next adventure in Chile.