Bike Tours Chile = Happy Riders

For the past 10 years we have been giving the best quality service to our clients in all of our tours.  Our Bike Tours Chile have always been our most memorable tours of the season. We have always met extraordinary people and have always ended each tour with a big smile.

During our last Bike Tour around Chile, we met an amazing group. They came to Chile for our Chile 8 Days Bike Tour. We knew they loved to ride and that they were excited about coming to Chile for the first time. But we didn’t know how good they were! Not only were they good riders…they were amazing people that made the tour, one of our best Bike Tours Chile of the season!Continue reading

Chile Ranked #1 by Adventure Tourism Development Index 2012

We, Chilean people usually say ¨Pucha que es linda mi tierra¨ which means: ¨Damn, my land is beautiful! Often foreigners who hear us believe that we are just saying that due to high doses of Chilean wine glasses.
Well now, we are not the only ones who think our country is beautiful and the closest thing to paradise where you can develop tourism associated with natural and cultural resources.Continue reading