UPDATE – Chile re-opens borders to international travelers

chile opening border

The Minsal (Chilean Ministry of Health) announced the changes in the Border Opening Plan regarding the 5-day quarantine.



Due to covid, the Chilean borders (air, land and sea) have been closed for non-resident foreigners since March 18 of 2020. The reopening of borders plan considers allowing the entrance to international travelers.

Since october 1st, the new Border Plan Chile updated new required conditions to meet in order to enter Chile. This new plan allows the entry to non-resident foreigners who have approved their vaccines against Covid-19, in addition to undergo a 5-day mandatory quarantine.

Yesterday, the Chilean Ministry of Health (Minsal) announced flexibilities concerning the quarantine, effective on November 1st.


Required travel documents to enter Chile


As a result, international travelers will have to meet the following conditions in order to enter Chile:

  • Before boarding, travelers must present the airline a negative result of a PCR test for SARS-CoV-2 (less than 72 hours). The test must have been carried out by a laboratory recognized by the local health authority.
  • The “Traveler Affidavit” (C19 certificate) form must be electronically completed up to 48 hours before the schedule flight to Chile. In this form, traveler must provide the contact information, health history and trip details. Also, the traveler agrees to report health conditions during the visit in Chile, under the Traveler Surveillance Period. During 14 days after arrival, travelers must report on a daily basis to the Health Authority their location and health conditions via an App.
  • Travelers must present a covid-19 health insurance (US $30.000 minimum coverage)
  • Show proof of vaccination. Priorly, the vaccination certificate must be validated by the Chilean Health Ministry. A form must be filled on MeVacuno page, this can take between 2 weeks and up to 1 month to obtain the Pase Movilidad (Chilean sanitary pass for vaccinated people). This certificate has a 45-day validity to enter Chile.
  • Undergo a 5-day quarantine, OR until obtaining a negative test result upon arrival at the airport.


Plan Paso-a-Paso



Once arrived in Chile, the visitors will be able to move throughout the country according to the Step-by-Step Plan. Created by the Chilean government, this strategy was established to face the pandemic according to the sanitary situation of each zone in particular, and determines different phases.

Each of them include restrictions and specific obligations. The progress and regression from one particular step to another is subject to epidemiological indicators, healthcare network and traceability of the virus.

Check out the detailed map of destinations according to the stages, and where you can travel throughout Chile.


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