Amity Tours Awarded by Chile’s Environmental Ministry for Carbon Footprint Reduction

Sustainable Tourism Leader: Amity Tours, awarded by Chile’s Environmental Ministry for Carbon Footprint Reduction.


At Amity Tours, our vision has always been clear and bold: to become an exemplary sustainable tourism company, not only in Chile but worldwide. Today, with immense pride, we share an achievement that is more than recognition; it is a confirmation of our dedication. The Chilean Ministry of the Environment has awarded us the prestigious HuellaChile certificate, a testament to our commitment to responsible tourism by measuring and reducing the organization’s carbon footprint.

Our journey toward sustainability has been exhilarating and transformative from the start. We have embraced the “Adventure – People – Nature” concept, a trinity that defines our mission and frames every adventure we design. “Adventure” means discovering Chile through unique experiences that respect and celebrate the country’s natural beauty. “People” reflects our commitment to local communities, creating experiences that also benefit those who call Chile home. And “Nature” is our promise to protect and preserve the landscapes we love so dearly.

The HuellaChile certificate distinguishes us as leaders and reinforces the urgency of our conservation message. Under ISO 14064-1:2019, we have quantified our greenhouse gas emissions and taken significant steps to reduce them. We have implemented waste reduction practices, resource reuse, and rigorous recycling. Furthermore, we have woven these practices into the very fabric of our operations, from our headquarters to the most remote corners of Chile, where we take our travelers.

Every member of the Amity Tours team embodies our ethos. They are ambassadors of sustainability, carrying the “Adventure People Nature” banner with every action. We celebrate our team not only for their professionalism and knowledge but for their passion and love for Chile. They are the ones who make it possible for our company to stand out both nationally and internationally, highlighting Chilean culture, landscapes and nature, its food, and above all, its people.

Looking to the future, Amity Tours remains committed to continuous improvement. We are already planning new ways to be even more sustainable, to measure and reduce our carbon footprint, and to share our practices with others. We strive to be a shining example of what is possible in the tourism industry.

Finally, we invite everyone – companies, travelers, and communities – to join us on this journey toward a more sustainable future. Together, we can make a difference, step by step, toward a world where tourism is not only possible but flourishes in harmony with our natural environment. With each new dawn, Amity Tours commits to being an agent of positive change, and this HuellaChile certificate is just the beginning.

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