Amity Tours Awarded by Chile’s Environmental Ministry
for Carbon Footprint Reduction 2023

We know that travel can have a substantial impact on carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions, especially when it comes to international tourism. Our commitment to responsible tourism is more than just theory, so over the course of our 20 years, we have taken significant measures to quantify the impact of our operations, with the most recent of them being the calculation of our carbon footprint.

Through this process, we have determined two crucial solutions in order to offset our emissions as much as possible: establishing expansive zero waste policies & implementing reforestation programs in partnership with local indigenous communities. In order to achieve our initial goal of being a zero-waste company, we discovered three key benefits: becoming more conscious and intentional while establishing our budget for purchases of goods and services, completely eliminating single-use plastics from our operations, and shifting the focus to investing in local providers and resources from depending on international products.

The latter of these led to our collaboration with the Lemu Cooperative, a local Mapuche collective with whom we work closely, to plant new trees to offset our carbon footprint systematically. Since our initial conversations regarding how to offset our emissions and invest in the local community, we have partnered with local indigenous leaders to plant nuclei of native trees and watersheds in Curarrehue, as well as constructing 4 family greenhouses and planting thousands of native plants and the first new native tree cores, in order to take an active role in mitigating the impact of our local tourist operations by giving back in an invaluable way not only to the community but to nature itself.

chile food


In order to prevent the production of waste, we have partnered up with local & organic food suppliers. This allows us to buy in bulk. Thus, it avoids the use of disposable plastics but also fuel the local economy.
We donate all the remaining reusable water bottles after each operations’ season. In 2019, approximately 450 were donated to local sport clubs. Moreover, we highly encourage our clients to bring their own water bottles.
At our main office we did install a recycling point where we separate Plastics, Cans, Glasses, Paper/Carton and of course all the organic waste generated at our office. During the trips our guides and drivers set up an dismountable recycling point where clients and staff can dispose the residues to be collected at the hotels visiting during the trip. In addition, we separate and collect the organic matter to be transformed into compost. This compost will be used for our vegetables garden located at Amity Headquarter.

As such, during your Amity Tours experience, every aspect of your time with us has been carefully planned to ensure each zero waste standard is fulfilled. From filling up your reusable water bottle to the preparation of your post-excursion picnic, not only do each of our team members take an active part in creating a sustainable adventure, but so do each of our guests & industry partners. The culmination of this is through our comprehensive reforestation plan with the Lemu Cooperative: in order to achieve our goal of 100% carbon offset for every guest we receive, we commit to planting 14 new trees!

With Amity Tours, you not only create incredible memories, but also cultivate a positive impact in the communities and natural wonders we are lucky enough to explore together. If you are interested in learning more about the ways you can collaborate with us for truly responsable tourism, join us on our unforgettable conservation tour or get in touch at to get connected with the Lemu Cooperative.