Discover the perfect journey with Amity Tours, your ultimate travel companion. With over two decades of expertise in sustainable tourism, We’re your ideal choice for unforgettable adventures.

Our commitment to preserving the environment while providing exceptional experiences sets us apart. We take pride in offering the best bike fleet in South America, ensuring that you have a smooth and enjoyable ride during your adventures. Additionally, we are proud pioneers in the field of carbon neutrality, recognized by the Chilean government for our efforts in reducing our ecological footprint.

By choosing Amity Tours, you can be confident that your journey will be unforgettable and environmentally responsible.

Cristian Levy — CEO Amity Tours Chile.

Story & Mission


Amity Tours is the leading tour operator of Chile’s Lake and Volcano District based in Pucón, the capital of adventure tourism. Since our creation in 2003, we have operated active travel adventures in Southern Chile (and some parts of Argentina), the Atacama Desert and Patagonia.

When traveling with Amity Tours, you will explore the best hidden corners of the Chilean territory, always accompanied with our friendly & local team of passionate nature lovers. With us, you will…

  • Bicycle the back roads and scenic routes of the Lake & Volcano District 
  • Hike the national parks and reserves near the Andes mountain range 
  • Bike and hike the driest desert in the World
  • Backcountry ski the active volcanoes of Southern Chile & Argentina 
  • Experience a fun time during our Family Adventure Tours
  • Discover the natural and local history during our Conservation Tours

Of course, we spice up all of these great tours with the best local wines and food. In addition, you will learn more about the local flora and fauna, and also share with the local Indigenous communities of the visited areas.


As a company, our commitment is to contribute to the sustainable development of our country, through the practice of “Responsible Tourism”. This implies giving a high degree of importance to the values of local people & traditions. It is reflected in working with professional and local team members, and the carrying out of our excursions in wild protected areas.

In 2019, we started our ambitious Zero Waste Challenge, consisting in measuring and reducing the amount of generated waste during our travel experiences. All our efforts aim to help the protection of our very fragile environment and to maintain the larger amount of income generated by tourist activities in the local area.

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Our Key Elements

Adventure. People. Nature.

You’ll find these key elements in all of the travel experiences we create.

ADVENTURE: We are an adventure travel company and we understand “adventure” as and experience where culture and nature are the main pillars. We specialized in sport activities such as biking, hiking, and skiing, but we also understand that that comes with excellent service, comfortable hotels and great local food, wine and beer.

PEOPLE: You’ll find a true friend in our experienced and professional team of guides and drivers. They will show you the best of Chile and Argentina. You’ll get to know our country and meet local people at every destination.

NATURE: This is the best part, we are blessed with a country with amazing nature. We’ll make sure you see the best of it and discover the hidden corners that will make you hold your breath in awe.

Adventure. People. Nature.

Responsible Travel Policy

We believe and work in the universal standards put forth by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (Based on the UNWTO’s Global Code of Ethics for Tourism), and we adopted the criteria specifically in these four areas:

  • Demonstrating effective sustainable management
  • Maximizing social and economic benefits to the local community and minimizing negative impacts
  • Maximizing benefits to cultural heritage and minimizing negative impacts
  • Maximizing benefits to the environment and minimizing negative impacts

As an organization, we formally adopted the Values Statement declared by the Adventure Travel Trade Association. ATTA, of which we are a member, is an organization that nurtures and professionalizes the responsible and sustainable development of the adventure travel industry.