Amity`s Ski Tours around the Lake and Volcano District of Chile and Argentina

How do we keep the cost down but give you the experience you deserve? It’s very simple, we show you a good time and take you to the best ski resorts of Chile and Argentina in all our tours! It doesn’t matter whether you are in one of our Luxury Ski Tours or if you are in one of our Budget versions…the snow will be great no matter if you are staying in a 5 Star Hotel or a nice comfy cabin with a warm fire.

For example, in our 7 Volcanoes in 13 Days Ski tour, we will be staying in comfy cabins. We will be backcountry skiing for 2 weeks around the best ski resorts of Chile and Argentina and climbing and skiing down volcanoes!! The adventure doesn´t get better than that. The part that we stay in comfy cabins instead of 5 star hotels isn´t so bad…especially because we give you your own private Chef! So I guess we do thrown in some luxury in all our tours…just not on the price!

For more details, check out this amazing Chile and Argentina Ski Tour 2013:


But if you are looking for a more Luxurious Ski Tour around Chile and Argentina, we can definitely show you the best of luxury. If you aren’t in the mood for Cabins and you want a nice SPA to get a nice massage after a long day of back country skiing, you need to take a look at our Chile 8 Days Luxury Ski Tour.  In just a little over a week, you will have gotten one of the best ski getaways you could ever imagine.  Backcountry skiing at some of Chile´s best ski resorts, visiting the towns’ best restaurants, tasting the best Chilean wines and the best part of getting a little luxury… being able to relax and enjoy a 5 star hotel.  Sometimes a little extra luxury is just what you are in the mood for.

For more details on the great Ski Tour, check out the following link:



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