Duration: 1 Day
Location: Tolten River, Villarrica Chile
Special Info: USD $180 per person

Tolten River Family Float Tour Chile. A family float is a full day raft trip and Barbecue down a slow flat river, with class 1-2 rapids. Because the river is so mild, anyone of all ages is capable of going on the trip and is ideal for families trying to relax and spend a beautiful day together. All customers are provided with top of the line kayak equipment and supervised by certified guides.

Tolten River Family Float Tour Chile

Tolten River Family Float Tour


  • Full Day – Tolten River family float

    The Family Float trip is an exceptional trip, exclusively offered at Amity Tours.

    We begin at the mouth of the Rio Tolten; the outflow of lake Villarrica, which is alongside the town of Villarrica. The entire family is fitted in top of the line kayak equipment to ensure optimal functionality and safety. After the fitting, our head guide goes over all of the proper safety and precautionary measures, as well as how to operate the raft and duckies.

    The actual experience on the water is peaceful and relaxing. You can enjoy the beauty of Chile while floating down the river as it twists out of the Andes towards the Ocean. Some of the sights include a couple of the volcanoes located in the area, Chilean farms, and wildlife.

    After a few hours on the river the whole trip stops on a private, secluded section of the river. We will enjoy a couple hours of gorging ourselves on a massive Authentic Chilean Barbecue, which has already been set up and conducted for us by our local crew. While slowly eating the massive spread, families are welcome to fish with their kids in the river, take photos, explore the country side, or just sit by the fire and enjoy a cold beer or exquisite Chilean wine.

    Once everyone’s stomachs are completely satisfied the trip down river starts back up again. The second excursion on the river is identical to the first, a few hours floating down stream, with a few mild rapids here and there for a little bit of excitement especially when done in one of the Duckies. After a full day of sun on the river, everyone is picked up by the van and brought back to Pucon.

    We can organize any multi-day whitewater paddling trips in the south of Chile, including Rafting, Kayaking and Ducky.

  • ◦ If you are interested in this tour, please send us an email to [email protected]
    ◦ Rate per person, USD $180 adults and USD $130 children up to 14 years old.
    ◦ We can confirm this Day tour with a minimum of 4 clients.
    ◦ Let us know you are interested and we will email you our booking form.
    ◦ Rates valid until April 2020.
    ◦ We can organize any multi-day whitewater paddling trips in the south of Chile, including Rafting, Kayaking and Ducky.


  • ◦ Professional tour guide (1 guide for every 6 clients).
    ◦ Private transportation (1 van for every 12 clients)
    ◦ River gear: helmet, life vest, ducky, raft, wetsuit, shoes and splash top.
    ◦ Accident Insurance.
    ◦ Food and BBQ.
    ◦ All activities according to the itinerary.

  • ◦ International and domestic flights.
    ◦ Accommodation.
    ◦ Tips & Extra drinks.

  • ◦ River floating, river ducking and fishing.



    Easy, designed for people who lead active lives and are comfortable participating in up to [4] hours of physical activity per day.




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