Duration: 15 Days - 14 Nights
Location: Lake and Volcano District - Chile
Special Info: USD $4,940 per person

Discover the Lake and Volcano district in Chile. Mountain Biking Chile’s southern backroads is the ultimate green tour. This well supported 15 day mountain bike tour has been especially made for intermediate and advanced mountain bikers.

Mountain Biking Tour Chile

Mountain Biking Tour Chile 15 days


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  • Day 1 Santiago (SCL) – Temuco (ZCO) – Tolhuaca

    Upon your arrival, our staff will meet you at Temuco Airport and drive you towards the Chilean Mountains, where we’ll check in at Termas de Malleco Mountain Lodge & Hot Springs and have a short rest. This day we will check and fit your bicycles, have an orientation and briefing session and ride the bikes for about 2 hours in the National Park Tolhuaca. We’ll enjoy a welcome Chilean Asado (BBQ) with your guides and fellow riders and then relax in the hot springs with a natural geyser. (D)

    Accommodation at Termas de Malleco 

  • Day 2 Tolhuaca National Park – Laguna Blanca

    Bike traveled distance: 45 km

    Get ready for your first ride. This route is really amazing; we travel 4-5 hours on the bikes surrounded by thousand year-old forests (Araucarias) until we get to Laguna Blanca (white lagoon), the views from the volcanoes around is incredible!!  Then, we descend towards our lodge located in the middle of the Andes, were we enjoy a savory dinner and relax in a great environment. (B, BL, D)

    Accommodation at Lodge Laguna Blanca.

  • Day 3 Malalcahuello – Cordillera Las Raices – Lonquimay

    Bike traveled distance: 50 km

    The ride offers great scenery with views overlooking volcanoes Lonquimay and Llaima.

    We’ll ride from the little village of Malalcahuello toward the Nalcas-Malalcahuello National Park, where the main attraction is the Lonquimay volcano and ancient forests of araucaria trees (monkey puzzle tree). This land is the territory of the indigenous people Pewenche and we’ll ride its famous trail (BL).

    Accommodation at Suizandina Lodge

  • Day 4 La Fusta – Bateamawida Volcano – Melipeuco

    Bike traveled distance: 60 km (42 km dirt/gravel + 18 km single track)

    We’ll drive 30 minutes in the van to the village of Sierra Nevada. Then we will take the mountain-bikes to cross the roads of the Araucanía Andina. We’ll ride the bikes by La Fusta, a beautiful road that goes along of ancient forests of Araucarias. The scenery couldn’t be better when we bike alongside the lakes Galletue and Icalma. Here in Icalma, we begin the single track that will take us to the top of the hill Batea Mawida; if we are strong enough we can reach the summit and then enjoy the descent back to Icalma. At this point we will be gathered and transported to the village of Melipeuco (90 minutes drive). (B, BL).

    Accommodation at Eco-Lodge La Baita Conguillío.

  • Day 5 Conguillío National Park

    Bike traveled distance: 55 km (46 km gravel/dirt + 9 km single track)

    This morning, we head off until we get to the gateway of the National Park Conguillío. The highlights of this wild protected area are the impressive araucaria tree forests, and the most active volcano in Chile, the Llaima Volcano (3125 m). Here we begin pedaling along the park’s main entrance situated by the beautiful Truful Truful Waterfall, overlooking a striking view of the Llaima Volcano. Then the road ascends through a vast volcanic valley and then goes deep into forests of Nothofagus and araucarias, reaching an altitude of 1.650 meters above sea level. This is followed by an exciting descend towards the spectacular lake Conguillío. The landscape of the Park is characterized by the Sierra Nevada Range, the Conguillío, Arcoiris and Verde lakes, and the active volcano Llaima, with its extensive lava flows that formed a huge moon-like valley. We’ll ride across the whole park from south to north. At the end of the day we’ll bike until arriving to La Baita Lodge. (B, BL, D)

    Accommodation at Eco-Lodge La Baita Conguillío.

  • Day 6 Pucón – Hiking Huerquehue National Park

    The National Park Huerquehue is a unique ancient forest of the Earth’s oldest tree species, and a sanctuary of the giant conifer Araucaria – the Earth’s oldest. Nestled within an exploded caldera is a Jurassic forest studded with a dozen lagoons, rimmed by jagged rock peaks and dormant cinder cones now covered in deep forest and inhabited by puma, wildcat, rare marsupials, fox, condor, miniature deer and birds. We’ll hike in the trails for about 5 hours an then return to our van. After hiking, we’ll visit the fantastic Los Pozones Hot Springs, a thermal center located by the Liucura River and surrounded by evergreen native forests. The place offers several outdoor thermal pools at different temperatures. It is highly recommendable to change pools because varying the body temperature stimulates blood circulation, i.e. from hot to cold water, but if you feel brave enough, we encourage you to go into the cold waters of the river Liucura and then jump back to a hot pool. Then head back to Pucón. (B, BL)

    Accommodation at Hotel Gerónimo or similar

  • Day 7 Villarrica National Park – Pichillancahue Glacier

    Bike traveled distance: 45 km (32 km dirt/gravel + 10 single track)

    Departing from Pucón, we drive to Palguín Alto, where we start cycling the MB. The road leads us through the National Park Villarrica, with views of scenic waterfalls formed by basaltic rock, as we will pass several majestic snow-capped volcanoes such as Quetrupillan and Rucapillan. The vegetation changes from raulí (Nothofagus alpina) and hualle (Nothofagus oblicua) forests to araucarias as we ascend to Chinay, the higher point of the day at 1.250 meters above sea level. After approx 3 hours of a steady climb, we’ll arrive at the Pichi Llancahue Glacier trail, where we’ll take a good break and grab a bite of your on-route snack. Later we’ll bike the trail that leads to a phenomenal glacier which is absolutely covered by the volcanic ashes of the Villarrica volcano. Once again you’ll enjoy the stunning views of four volcanoes. Return to Pucon and evening at leisure. (BL)

    Accommodation at Hotel Gerónimo or similar

  • Day 8 Pucón – Villarrica Volcano

    Bike traveled distance = 25 km Time cycling: 3 hours approx. 

    Villarrica is a beautiful, cone-shaped, and very active volcano located at the northern end of Chile’s “Lakes Region”. The Ruca Pillán (or Devils House in “Mapuche” language) dominates the horizon south of Pucón. From our hotel in Pucón, we’ll head back west on the Villarrica-Pucon highway, then head up a dirt road to the entrance of Villarrica National Park. We continue biking up the road to the Villarrica ski resort. From here, we will have an amazing and unforgettable view of the Andes, the surrounding lakes and the astonishing volcanoes of the area. With a little good luck, we will see smoke coming out of the Villarrica volcano. After biking we’ll head back to Pucon and have the evening at leisure. (B, BL)

    Accommodation at Hotel Gerónimo or similar

    Optional Activity: Volcano Climb (additional cost of USD $160 per person)

    Today in morning you will have to be ready at 6:45am and if the weather conditions are favorable, we’ll start driving to the Pucón Ski Resort located at the base of the volcano at 1.400 meters / 4.593 feet. Ascending the active Villarrica Volcano is without a doubt a once in a lifetime experience, the climb is not technical, but you need to be in good shape to reach the summit. Once we arrive at the parking lot we can buy the lift ticket that will take us to the higher part of the ski courses at 1.800 mts / 5.906 feet, saving us almost 2 hours of climbing. From the top of the lift we begin ascending the slopes of the volcano, stopping briefly every 30 minutes, having a longer break to eat our food when we are half way to the crater. If we find hard snow or ice we’ll put on the crampons and use the piolets and after 5 hours we’ll reach the live crater at 2847 meters / 9.349 feet above sea level. The views from the top are absolutely mind-blowing, overlooking five lakes and several volcanoes in the distance such as Llaima and Lanín. The descent is quite fun, especially when we can slide down the snow on our rear ends. In the winter season and only if you are an experienced skier or snowboarder, we can climb the volcano carrying the equipment and make a thrilling descent that takes only 30 minutes. We’ll return to the vehicles around 5 pm and immediately head off to Pucón, where we hand back the gear.

  • Day 9 Pucón – Huilo-Huilo (rest day)

    Today we leave Pucón and head south throughout the 7 lakes route. We’ll drive 2.5 hours and until we arrive at Huilo-Huilo. Only a few miles from the picturesque villages of Neltume and Choshuenco lays the Huilo Huilo Nature Reserve; a private ecological initiative located in the heart of the ancient temperate rainforest at the tip of South America. Its wide variety of native trees (mainly of Nothofagus genre) covers 90% of its sixty thousand hectares. The Reserve boasts of nearly 250 kilometers of roads and trails that allow you to discover pristine beaches, streams, waterfalls and lakes. We can truly say that Huilo-Huilo is one of those places that “has everything you need”. The Mocho and Choshuenco volcanoes with their glaciers that allow for the practice of skiing and snowboarding (it has the only Summer Snowboard Park of South America), spectacular water falls, native forest, rivers and a wide array of activities ranging from canopy, horse-back riding, 4×4 overland and hiking trails for all levels. (BL, D))

    Accommodation at Cabanas Huilo-Huilo

  • Day 10 Huilo-Huilo – Mocho Blanco

    Bike traveled distance = 35 km

    We start this amazing mountain bike trail from the recreational area of the reserve followed by riding across the native forest until we get to the upper part of this natural area and enter the National Reserve Mocho-Choshuenco. We keep pedaling until the road ends at 1,800 m altitude (5,905 ft) and from this point we begin the single track towards Mocho Volcano (2,422 meters). After 4 hours we have reached the plateau next to Mocho and take-in a magnificent view of the Choshuenco Volcano.

    We’ll eat a picnic and then head down to the valley that links both volcanoes. The landscape from the part is absolutely breathtaking, overlooking massive volcanoes such as Lanín (3,710 m) and Villarrica (2,847 m).

    Accommodation at Cabanas Huilo-Huilo (BL)

  • Day 11 Huilo-Huilo -Pampa Pilmaiken

    Bike traveled distance: 45 km (32 km dirt/gravel + 10 single track)

    A long day awaits us! Early morning we’ll begin to cross the Park Huilo Huilo from north to south. We follow an old road used in the past to transport timber for exportation, biking through the foothills of Mocho Volcano to Pilmaiken, where we turn to the valley of the Pillanleufú River. Strong rains undermine the way sometimes transforming the path into a true adventure, crossing streams on foot or rappel. The route continues back to the main entrance as we descend and arrive at Huilo-huilo water falls. (BL)

    Accommodation at Cabanas Huilo-Huilo

  • Day 12 Huilo-Huilo – Puerto Varas (rest day)

    After breakfast, we’ll get on the vehicles en-route to the Pan-American Highway until we get to Puerto Varas (4-hour drive). Day at leisure. (L)

    Accommodation at Cabanas Puerto Varas

  • Day 13 Hiking in Alerce Andino National Park

    The Alerce Andino National Park is a mountainous zone that covers 39.225 hectares (96.927 acres) situated east of Puerto Montt City, between the Gulf and the Estuary of Reloncaví and south of Chapo Lake. It boasts of over 20.000 hectares of Larch trees forest (Fitzroya cupressoides) and around 50 small lakes scattered throughout this uneven geography. It is an ideal place for trekking, mountain climbing, hiking and nature watching. Traveling from Puerto Varas, the park is 60 km away, taking around 1½ hours by van.

    The road is considered the starting point of the world famous Austral Road (Carretera Austral), passing by beautiful evergreen forests, farm fields and amazing mountain peaks.  We start walking on the main road of the park, until we get to the entry of a challenging trail that will take us through a larch tree forest called El Rodazal. We’ll have to put a lot of effort because this trail is like a natural stairway that ascends endlessly for 3 hours of hiking.

    You will witness the grandeur of nature as we encounter huge larch trees with trunks of over 4 m in diameter and 50 m high. We’ll also be able to spot endemic birds such as the Magellan woodpecker (Campephilus magellanicus), and possibly catch a glimpse of the curious Chucao tapaculo (Selorchilis rubecula). Return to Puerto Varas and evening at leisure. (BL)

    Accommodation at Cabanas Puerto Varas

  • Day 14 Las Cascadas – Ensenada

    (La Picada, Desolación, Solitario) Bike traveled distance: 60 kms

    This ride follows the route of one of the hardest XC National Marathon. There are spectacular views of Lake Todos Los Santos and Volcano Osorno; the descent is quite fast and technical, bikers are required to be physically strong, then the last part of the ride goes across an exciting single track descent. After a short ride in the vans, we’ll have a farewell dinner and spend the night in the charming German-style city of Puerto Varas. (BL, D)

    Accommodation at Cabanas Puerto Varas

  • Day 15 Puerto Montt Airport

    Sadly, it’s time to say good-bye to the beautiful Lake & Volcano District of Chile.  After breakfast, we’ll ride in vans to Puerto Montt Airport to catch your flight back to Santiago. It’s been a trip you will always remember! End of services

  • ◦ If you are interested in this tour, please send us an email to [email protected]
    ◦ Rate per person, USD $4,940 based in double occupancy (6 guests minimum).
    ◦ Single Supplement USD $1,000
    ◦ Group rates based on 10 people, USD $4,725 per person based in double occupancy.
    ◦ We can confirm this tour with a minimum of 6 clients.
    ◦ Let us know you are interested and we will email you our booking form.
    ◦ All our programs can be modified according to your requirements or your needs.
  • ◦ Professional guide.
    ◦ Private Van with bike trailer.
    ◦ 14 Nights’ accommodation at hostels, cabins and mountain lodges.
    ◦ Meals as per itinerary (B: breakfasts, BL: picnic lunchd, L: Lunch, D: Dinner).
    ◦ Basic cycle parts (cable housing, tubes, tires and spokes).
    ◦ All activities according to the itinerary.
    ◦ Entrance fee to Hot Springs and all activities according to the itinerary.
    ◦ All our programs can be modified according to your requirements or your client’s needs.
  • ◦ Air Fare (international and domestic flights).
    ◦ Accidents insurance.
    ◦ Cycle parts (some parts available for sale).
    ◦ Meals, beverages & cocktails not included on itinerary.
    ◦ Entrance fee to National Parks.
    ◦ Gratuities at hotel and restaurants.
    ◦ Laundry.
    ◦ Bike rental (available upon request): USD$350.
  • ◦ Available from November 2018 to April 2019, and November 2019 to April 2020
    ◦ We run this tour under a private departure request. In this case you set the dates.
    ◦ We can confirm this tour with a minimum of 6 clients.
    ◦ Let us know you are interested and we will email you our booking form.
    ◦ All our programs can be modified according to your requirements or your needs.



    Mountain biking and hot springs.


    Intermediate: You’re active on your days off, and recreational biking may even be your weekend sport of choice. You love to ride, and it shows in your endurance and strength. Our intermediate bike tours offer a steady but active pace (between 3 to 5 hours), with opportunities to push yourself. Expect some challenging climbs, with great descents over rolling terrain. Average distance per day: 20-30 miles / 30-50 km.


    We advise you to bring clothing for warm and cold weather; also including helmet and cap, brightly colored cycling jerseys, arm and leg warmers, base layers, windbreaker, booties, gloves, two pairs of sneakers, a waterproof jacket and any other waterproof item, sunglasses, bathing suit and sandals. Don’t forget your camera!


    Food in Chile is great and healthy. Likewise, it is one of the highlights of this tour. Great wine, fresh and flavorsome produce, seafood and all kinds of meat (beef, pork, chicken, lamb and wild boar) will be part of the daily menus. We are prepared to cater vegetarian, pescaterian and gluten free food, however if you are vegan you may have to be flexible because in Chile we have very limited vegan options. Unfortunately, kosher food is not available.


     Private departures from November 2018 until April 2019, and November 2019 to April 2020.


    Any policy you purchase should, at the very least, cover trip cancellation, loss of baggage, accident/life coverage, travel delays, and non-refundable airline tickets.

    Carriers for travel insurance include World Nomads, Travel Guard and Travelex. You may also consider insurance that covers emergency medical evacuation. Search the web to find the best deal that suits your needs – read the fine print -.


     As indicated in the program or similar


    Modern van or Mercedes Benz minibus according to group size, air-conditioned


    Slight itinerary modifications might occur due to weather and or road conditions, or force majeur.


    We suggest visiting the web for current conditions in Chile and doing your own research on this topic.

    Weather in Santiago

    Weather in Pucón

    The Weather Channel

    Generally the weather in this area is very similar to Northern California, specially the coast side. Late October and November (spring time in the southern hemisphere) present milder temperatures 10ºC to 25ºC (50°F to 77°F) with some scattered rain (likewise during our Fall, March and April). During December you can start feeling the beginning of the summer with temperatures around 10ºC to 27ºC (50°F to 81°F).  In January and February temperatures range between 15ºC and 35ºC (60°F / 95°F). Remember that you are visiting the Lake & Volcano district, so always expect some rain!

    In this part of Chile there are no insects or animals that represent a threat to human beings.


    We highly recommend getting the Chile Airpass ticket with Lan Airlines, which includes the international flight from Madrid to Santiago (Chile) and the domestic flights Santiago(SCL)- Temuco(ZCO) / Temuco-Santiago(SCL). This Airpass is definitely less expensive than buying the flights separately and what’s more important it is very flexible if there are some unexpected last minute changes. Lan Airlines Airpass can be purchased at any IATA travel agent.

    We are happy to help you find and book your domestic flights, without extra cost.-

    The international terminal at SCL is located in the same building than the domestic terminal.

    Note: The local flights in Chile have a luggage allowance of 20kg. You will need to pay excess if your baggage exceeds this. There is an allowance for cycling equipment charged at 3kg (approx $5 per kg).


    Visa to enter Chile: No advance Visa application is needed for entry into Chile. Australian and New Zealand citizens entering Chile for tourism purposes will be charged a $160.00 processing fee payable on arrival. Cash and credit card accepted. US and Canada citizens no longer need to pay the reciprocity fee ($160.00) to enter Chile. A valid Canada or USA passport is required  travelling as a tourist for 90 days.


    Besides your own on-road safety gear (helmet, rear-view mirrors, bright colored jerseys and gloves) we provide a support vehicle that drives at the rear of the group with a road-sign that alert other drivers the presence of bike riders on the road. Drivers in Chile are used to bicycles on the road, so they shouldn’t bother you while riding. All our staff communicates by radio at all times.


    In order to ensure that the timing and logistics of the rides and tour go more smoothly, please be informed that from the time that it takes for the first rider to complete a ride, the transportation vehicles will wait a maximum of 90 minutes for the remaining cyclists to finish riding. After this point, the riders yet to reach the finish line will have to get into the vans and be transported in the vehicles to reunite with the group.


    If you bring your own bike, make sure they have tires of at least 28 cm size. Although the road surfaces are normally in fine shape, one never knows what condition they will be in after the winter. Pack your bike well in a cardboard box that we can easily dismantle for its transportation during the tour. Standard size bike hard-cases are welcomed, nevertheless if they are extremely oversized they might have to be shipped to Puerto Varas (last city in the tour) at your own cost (USD $50 approx).


    If your wheel size is different than 700, you MUST bring your own parts (tires, tubes and spokes). Likewise, if your wheels have any special features make sure you bring your own special spokes.


    If your bike is like one of the Bike Friday models, please make sure you bring enough bike parts (especially: tires, tubes and spokes), as in Chile there are no places where you can purchase any part for that kind of bike.

    BIKE HIRE US$ 350,00

    Our company counts with great rental bikes. Cannondale Trail 5 mountain bike or similar

    Cannondale Trail 5 Mountain Bike

    cannondale_MTB_trail 5


    Most riders choose to bring their own helmets, but if you prefer, we have a small number of helmets available on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.  Please let us know in advance if you’d like to use one.  All our bikes are equipped with Wellgo pedals and toeclips.  We will be happy to substitute any pedals you choose to bring.  Amity Tours also has a small number of Shimano pedals, available on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.  Please let us know in advance if you prefer to use them.


    There is nothing to be worrying about altitude sickness. We will never get higher than 4,200 feet.


    In Chile, the local currency is called “Peso”.

    The current exchange rate is $1 USD = $650 Chilean Pesos (CLP).

    Travel checks are not convenient because only few places accept them and the exchange rate is 10% lower than dollar bills. Most credit cards are accepted at shops, restaurants and hotels. The most common cards are Master Card, Visa and Dinners Club. American Express is less commonly accepted that the others. There is no need to bring a large amount of cash; there are ATMs almost everywhere we go on the tour. The maximum amount of money that you can withdraw per day is equivalent to $300.000 CLP.

    For up to date information we suggest you visit the website www.xe.com/ucc/


    In Chile, the gratuity for hospitality services is normally 10% of the bill. People usually tip in restaurants, hotels and the local staff of guides. You shouldn’t tip taxi drivers, baggage carriers and bar tenders, they do not expect any tips. At the end of the trip gratuity for the crew for a job well done is highly appreciated. We encourage you to use your discretion and tip according to the caliber of service you receive. As a guideline, the industry standard is $120 dollars per person, per guide.

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