Duration: 1 Day
Location: Chile
Special Info: USD $150 per person
Hiking Santuario El Cañi

Hiking Santuario El Cañi


  • Full Day – Hiking Santuario El Cañi & Huife Hot Springs

    Today we’ll head to the wilderness area of El Cañi for our hiking outing.

    Visiting El Cañi Sanctuary is much more than simply tourism; it’s a profound contact with ancient forest that enables you to expand awareness wide enough to begin to sense mysterious echoes coming down from past millennia.

    To experience the forest and its rhythms is to live the true meaning of deep ecology, as you become immersed in it, identified with it. We invite you to leave behind those city habits, even for a few brief hours, and touch and vibrate with this magical place.

    We’ll hike up the trail for 4 to 5 hours until we reach a spectacular lake surrounded by Araucaria trees. As we hike we’ll be able to spot several birds and the grand finale is at the Mirador, where we can enjoy the view of 3 volcanoes: Villarrica, Lanin and Quetrupillán. After the hike, we’ll go visit the fantastic Huife Hot Springs.

    We leave El Cañi and drive 15 minutes through a scenic rural road to visit and unwind at Huife Hot Springs, which will be the perfect end to this active day.

    The thermal center is located by the Liucura River and is surrounded by stunning native forests. The place offers three outdoor thermal pools at different temperatures, a good restaurant and a cafeteria. In addition, the center also includes massage and beauty therapy services for an additional cost.

    In this place you can enjoy the scenery while relaxing in the therapeutic thermal waters. It is highly recommendable to change pools because varying the body temperature stimulates blood circulation, i.e. from hot to cold water, but if you feel brave enough, we encourage you to go into the cold waters of the river Liucura and then jump back to a hot pool.

    Return to Pucón at 7pm. End of services.

  • ◦ If you are interested in this tour, please send us an email to [email protected]
    ◦ Rate per person, USD $150
    ◦ We can confirm this Day tour with a minimum of 2 clients.
    ◦ Group rates based on 10 people, USD $130 per person.
    ◦ All our programs can be modified according to your requirements or your needs.
    ◦ Let us know you are interested and we will email you our booking form.
    ◦ Rates valid until April 2020.

  • ◦ Guide, transport, entrance fee, Hot Springs and picnic lunch.
  • ◦ Water, tips, beverages & cocktails.
  • ◦ October to April.


    ADVANCED: You love hiking. These hiking tours are physically demanding and best suited for strong people with a high endurance level. These tours are intended for active people who are comfortable participating in up to 6-8 hours hiking per day. A typical day may include hiking over fairly hilly terrain offering lots of challenges. Trails are along high meadow paths and/or maintained cliffside or Andean trails, with some steep ascents to make you feel exhilarated. All our guided hiking tours include natural interpretation and focus on the history, volcanology and the native flora and fauna of the wilderness areas.


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