Hiking in Chile 2016-2017

Hiking in Chile Early Bird discount up to 300 USD.

Hiking in Chile Early Bird discount up to 300 USD

Hiking in Chile, Kutralkura Geopark

If you are one to get connected with nature through hiking experiences you must visit Chile and try what Amity Tours had prepared for the coming 2016-2017 season. Imagine yourself hiking through ancient forests, desert trails, glaciers, lakes, rivers and volcanoes. You will be able to discover amazing places, getting the chance to learn about ancient cultures and about flora and fauna native species.  You will discover Chile with an experience that will surprise you day by day. Chile is home to some of the most impressive sights in the Southern Hemisphere and to some of the world’s most classic trekking routes.

Explore the most beautiful trails surrounded by ancient Araucaria and Nothogafus forests in the Lake & Volcano district. Here you will be able to experience great National Parks within the Andes Mountain Range. Check our Hiking National Park Tour and you will have an unforgettable trip that will stay with you forever. Pristine lakes, native forests, active volcanoes and hot springs are some of the places that you will visit.

Amity Tours is proud to announce our Patagonia Experience in Torres del Paine National Park.

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The park is located in Chile’s southernmost and largest region, Magallanes and Chilean Antarctica, where the main economic activities are sheep farming, oil extraction and tourism. For 6 days you’ll have the freedom to choose your adventure day by day, with activities that include nature walks, trekking and biking. This trip has two daily hiking options and a cycling option three times a week. We have designed low and difficult hiking routes. And the best part is that each night you can choose which option appeals to you the most for the following day, depending on how that day’s trek has left you feeling! Check our Patagonia Experience Tour and book it now!

Whats more, Amity Tours has designed a Bike & Hike Tour. It has been especially made for intermediate and advanced road bikers and hikers.  This is a perfect blend of activities that bring the Lake & Volcano district to life, experiencing local communities and connecting with natural history.

Book in advance and you will save up to USD$ 300 on this and the afore mentioned tours.

Hiking in Chile Early Bird discount up to 300 USD

We look forward to meeting you next season!

Hiking National Park Tour From USD $1,870 per person

Patagonia Experience Tour From USD $1,760 per person

Bike & Hike Tour From USD $1,840 per person


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