Highlights of Amity Tours Chile

Southern routes to the most unique, beautiful and comfortable Hotels the South of Chile has to offer.

Whether on a Ski Tour, Bike Tour, Fly Fishing or Hiking Tour with Amity. We will take you down the most beautiful breathtaking routes you could ever dream of.

For several years now, we have been surprising and fulfilling every aspect of a good Bike Tour our clients had before getting here.  We have done this by finding the most beautiful routes in Chile and taking them there on their bikes and after a day of beautiful scenery, rewarding them with comfort and hospitality.

One of our most amazing Bike Rides will have to be the ride to Huilo Huilo.  Starting in the town of Villarrica, we ride alongside 2 beautiful lakes, first the Calefquen lake and then Panguipulli.  The ride alongside the Panguipulli Lake is just mesmerizing to say the least.   The Lake is so big, you almost feel like you are in the coast of an ocean surrounded by mountains.

After so much beauty, we could only show you more beauty. We arrive at the Huilo Huilo Natural Reserve to show you the unexpected….your hotel. This beautiful Natural Reserve has 4 different hotels. The first hotel, Nothofagus Hotel & Spa, with a structure that rises and swirls around….something you could only imagine it when you see it. The rooms start from the bottom and as you walk up the swirl, the rooms get bigger. The rooms start from standard to the Luxury Deluxe which is on the very top and it includes another floor! Yes this Luxury Suite comes with a beautiful sitting area overlooking the forest, a huge balcony and on the second floor, a beautiful bedroom with a full bathroom including a huge Jacuzzi! Not bad to come back to after a day of Hiking around the Reserve, Mountain Biking or if you are here during the winter season, a day of Skiing on the Mocho and Choshuenco Volcanoes.

If you are looking for something more private, more luxurious…the Nawelpi Lodge is what you need. Each lodge comes with its own bar to entertain, a private balcony where you can lay out and rest with the sound of the Fuy River.  The stay at Nawelpi Lodge allows you to a private club house where you can enjoy an open bar, a private restaurant and a beautiful cozy living area that makes you feel like you are in a beautiful country home.  The restaurant isn´t just private, the chef is under your request….whatever you feel like eating, the chef will make it happen! Whether it’s a BBQ out in the balcony or if you are in the mood for a delicious homemade pie, you just have to say it and they will make it for you!

Last but not least, the cute Magic Mountain. This beautiful unique hotel actually looks like a volcano with a waterfall coming down on the sides…another image you would have to see with your own eyes. The bigger bedrooms starting on the bottom and the little ones, getting closer to the top of the Montaña Magica.  The rooms decorated with a touch of Fairy Tale settings, you almost feel like you are in an Eco Disney World!

Another beautiful and very stylish hotel in the area is just 5 min from the Huilo Huilo Reserve, Marina del Fuy Hotel. This more elegant hotel, just in front of the Pirehueico Lake has a more cozy european feel to it. Decorated with antiques from all over the world, you feel like you are in an old castle.  This wonderful hotel offers the same activities as the hotels in Huilo Huilo.  You can also go sailing on a yacht that’s waiting for you just steps away from the hotel. You will navigate the Pirehueico Lake across its pristine waters while enjoying the beautiful landscapes, beaches, and native forests. The hotel also offers amazing hot baths heated by wood. These baths are by the outside pool, where you will be able to sit inside a hot bath right in front of the Pirehueico Lake.

After an afternoon of sailing and a hot bath by the Lake, you can enjoy a nice tea in the hotels tea room. Decorated with a Shabby Sheek style, you will enjoy the best teas and pastries. The Hotel offers a romantic delicate menu, perfect for a romantic evening with a good glass of Chilean wine.

This boutique hotel, just a couple of minutes from the wonderful Natural reserve of Huilo Huilo is a perfect romantic escape in the south of Chile.

Heading even more south on our Bike Tours and after a wonderful stay at Huilo Huilo, we are on our way to Puerto Varas. The backroads towards this beautiful city are just amazing. It’s not called the Germans Settlers Route for no reason.  You will feel and see the German heritage along the way. We will pass by the cute little village of Puerto Octay until reaching the small German Village of Frutillar.  The ride alongside the biggest lake in Chile, the Llanquihue Lake, is a ride you will never forget.

Once you arrive in Puerto Varas, you will check-In the most beautiful hotel facing the Llanquihue Lake… Cumbres Patagonicas.  This amazing hotel lays on the highest hill right in front of the lake.  Each room facing the Osorno Volcano.  This beautiful hotel has a Spa with a heated pool on the 7th floor, with an amazing view of the lake and volcano. The minute you are in the pool, you feel at ease and almost feel like you can just swim into the lake from the pool.

Cumbres Patagonicas has an extraordinary restaurant. Not only is the service outstanding, the food is amazing. With 2 different dining rooms, you have the option to enjoy this delicious cuisine in the Cumbres del Lago Restaurant, or if you are in the mood for a delicious dessert, you can sit in the winter garden. After you have had a wonderful meal, you can relax and enjoy a drink at the La Araucaria Bar. This very sophisticated style bar has a very warm feel to it, with a huge leather sofa, you almost feel like you are having a drink at a friend’s house.

After a long day of pedaling and a lot of breathtaking landscapes, volcanoes and lakes, we can only take you to the best most comfortable beautiful hotels in the south of Chile!

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