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As we all know, the current global situation due to Covid-19 has been affecting our daily life and travelling plans.

At Amity Tours, we have been working hard in order to be ready for the re-opening of borders and operations post Covid. We feel blessed and privileged to be living in Chile’s Lake and Volcano District, a remote but safe area, with good health centers very close by. This really makes us confident that we will someday soon be sharing all together again.

Amity Tours closely follows and applies the recommendations stated by the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA).

COVID-19 Health and Safety Guidelines (General)

COVID-19 Health and Safety Guidelines (Cycling)

COVID-19 Health and Safety Guidelines (Trekking)

COVID-19 Health and Safety Guidelines (Rafting)

COVID-19 Health and Safety Guidelines (Food preparation)

COVID-19 Health and Safety Guidelines (Skiing and Snowboarding)





It is now common knowledge that the tourism and hospitality industry has entered an unprecedented era that will definitely shape the future travel experiences worldwide. Quality and safety are what define us, and we are making sure that not only us, but also all our local partners and suppliers walk in hand with us to apply new safety standards, to best adapt to the post-coronavirus industry. That is why it is particularly important for us to share with our fellow travelers the measures we have always been applying during our tours, but now more than ever how we will reinforce them:



Organize group tours with a maximum capacity of 10 guests.

Car Wash


Cleaning of vehicles. We usually clean on a daily basis our entire vehicles during tours. In the future, we will add some extra cleaning process including sanitizing the vehicle after each excursion. This will also apply for every equipment we provide our guests such as hiking poles, helmets, bicycles, and any adventure gear.

Hand Sanitizer


Hand sanitizers are one of the mandatory items we always keep available any time on our picnic and snack tables. We have always recommended our guests to use it, but it will now be mandatory before sharing a meal together.

Zero Waste Logo


Zero Waste Challenge. Since November 2019, our journey towards becoming the first tour operator in Chile began, to reduce and avoid the waste production during our tours. This initiative pushes us towards finding new eco-friendly alternatives for our travel experiences.



We are aware that planning ahead your next trip to Chile might be difficult in these extraordinary times. Rest assured, as we have updated our booking policies. This will allow you to purchase safely your next vacations. We have removed all none-refundable booking fees. All our rates have been locked-in until 2022. If you make a deposit and cannot travel, you can always use that money as credit with us and use it within the next 24 months.

All these measures are forming part of our global Climate Emergency Plan in process.

Amity Tours Moving Towards Becoming a Zero Waste Company