Hiking the Atacama Desert in Chile

Machuca Rio Grande hike in the Atacama Desert

Hiking the Atacama Desert, Northern Chile

Machuca Village to Río Grande Hike Trail


hike atacama desert


Hiking around San Pedro de Atacama with Amity Tours will make you feel like you’re in the old times. Most of the trails have been used by shepherds and ancestral caravans that crossed the Andes during the Tiwanaku period. This hike starts in the village of Machuca, located 4.000 meters over the sea level. This town is a privileged site surrounded by nature. It only has one street where we can appreciate the roofs made of cactus (Echinopsis Atacamensis). The church is very interesting due to its cultural significance and birds such as flamingos, sierra fiches, horned coot and Andean geese as well as llamas can be seen in the area.

We will hike 15 kilometers through the ravine that connects both villages. This hike starts with a descent through a desert moor. We will walk alongside the river passing through land used by shepherds.


settlement atacama desert
Ancient Settlement

We will be able to see abandoned refuges and terraces for cultivation. After 3,5 hours, we will stop at the Peñaliri homestead. During 1980, the families abandoned the site and never came back. You can still appreciate the houses and some of the tools people used for farming. This is the perfect place to recover energy. We will enjoy a tasty picnic lunch and rest for a while before continuing. The hike keeps going along the river until we reach the village of Rio Grande. The vegetation will change and its geological formations too. This town is located where the Domeyko Mountain Range and the Salt mountain Range meet so the rock and mineral formations are very unique.

Once in Rio Grande we will be able to appreciate how this community still uses old traditions for growing potatoes, garlic, onions, peas and broad beans. They collect water through canals in order to irrigate their fields. Shepherds are still practicing their activities like the old times. You can still watch women carrying their babies in Aguayos (colorful textiles) while farming. It is a magical village that is bringing back their ancient traditions in order to share them with visitors.

You can check out the best hikes in the Atacama Desert on our website







New travel experiences in the Atacama Desert

This coming season, Amity Tours is launching new travel experiences in the Atacama Desert

During the past weeks, we went scouting to San Pedro de Atacama in order to re-design incredible experiences in the Atacama Desert. We hiked through amazing ravines in the Salt Mountain Range and in an ancient cacti valley. Moreover, we were able to witness amazing sunsets in the Atacama Salt Flat and enjoy the clearest sky while stargazing.


sunset atacama desert
Sunset at the Chaxa Lagoon, Atacama Salt Flat


Furthermore, we were able to visit Andean villages such as Socaire, Toconao, Caspana, Machuca, Rio Grande and Ayquina. We also shared with the local Lickan Antay communities and become impressed with the amazing landscape that surround the quaint village of San Pedro de Atacama.


likan antai atacama desert
Encounter with Likan Antai Indigenous community


We are designing a great 7-day hiking tour in the Atacama Desert. Our hikes will cover all of the ecological features around San Pedro de Atacama:

  • The Salt mountain range and its magnificent geological formations
  • The Atacama Salt flat and its different lagoons (located 2.400 meters over the sea level)
  • The ravines (located between 2800 – 3400 meters above sea level) where we will discover great flora species
  • The Altiplano, where we will discover particular ecosystems composed by birds species, plants, mammals and bacteria. Here, over 4000 meters over the sea level we will hike through the Tatio Mallku geothermal field and trough high salt flats immersed in the Andes Mountain Range.


copa coya atacama desert


This trip will be a great experience that will connect you with the silence and spaciousness that only exist in the desert.

Moreover, we are designing a cultural bike trip. This experience will be perfect for those travelers that love to bike, and learn about an ancient culture. During this tour, you will discover how the indigenous communities are try to bring their traditions back.


cultural atacama desert likan antai
Encounter with the Likan Antai community

The goal of this trip is not to use vans. All of our activities will start and finish in your hotel using only bikes. We will discover great archeological sites with our specialized guides. Also, we will learn from the Lickan Antai people as they share their traditions, cosmovision and typical food. We will be able to bike towards the salt flat discovering an amazing landscape and biodiversity. We will learn the most hidden secrets that exist in the tiny oasis located in highest and driest desert of the world.

To learn more about our travel experiences please check out our website

Laguna cejar Atacama Desert




River Kayaking unique experience for families Pacific Coast

River Kayaking unique experience for families Pacific Coast
River Kayaking unique experience for families Pacific Coast
River Kayaking in Angachilla River – Family Adventures in Chile

River Kayaking  a unique experience for families in the Pacific Coast.

During the past few days, the Amity Tours Staff and our families went to experience an adventure family trip in Valdivia and its surroundings. The idea was to try a wide variety of activities in order to design the best itinerary for our future guests.  One of the activities we tried was Kayaking in the Angachilla River. We got prepared with all the gear in the lodge beside the river. Our Guide gave us safety instructions before the excursion started. Our children were very excited about this adventure so they were paying close attention to all the directions and recommendations.

Once we got in our kayaks, we started rowing down the river. It was very relaxing and our children were paying attention to everything that was happening around them. They wanted to feel the water and to experience everything surrounding them. We were able to see and listen to different bird species. For instance, we saw Cormorants, which are medium-to-large birds that eat fish by catching the prey by diving into the water. They are excellent divers, and under water they propel themselves with their feet with help from their wings; some cormorant species have been found to dive as deep as 45 meters. Moreover, we were able to see the “Martin Pescador” or Kingfisher, which is a small to medium-sized, brightly colored bird. They are most famous for hunting and eating fish. Kingfishers are generally shy birds, but we were lucky enough to see them. The most astonishing bird we saw was the many-coloured rush tyrant or “siete colores”, a small passerine bird. It belongs to the Tyrant Flycathcher family. It inhabits marshland and reedbeds around lakes and rivers. They build their nests among plant stems. We all felt so grateful to experience this river and its amazing biodiversity.

Once we came back to the lodge, the kids stayed with our staff and the daddies had the opportunity to continue kayaking trough the river. This was a very good chance for them to relax and enjoy nature by themselves, experiencing silence and all the wonders of the Angachilla River. This activity is part of our Adventure Family Trips that will be launched on our website in September 2016.

You can find similar tours in our Conservation Tours section. One of the most popular tours is called Valdivian Jungle Ecotourism, a 4 day tour that visit this fantastic area in the Pacific Coast.

For further information and details check out our website www.amity-tours.com.

Hiking with your family through the Valdivian Jungle

Valdivian Jungle 2016Hiking with your family through the Valdivian Jungle

The Valdivian jungle in Southern Chile is a great destination for family trips. Here you will be able to hike through a family friendly trail in the Punta Curiñanco Protected Area, which is one of the last unaltered coastal areas in Chile. This area is characterized by its extraordinary endemism and the great antiquity of its biogeography. The hike is very friendly for families and children from all ages. Children will be able to discover different types of plants and trees, as well as learn about bird species and enjoy amazing views of the Pacific Ocean. Amity Tours is working hard to design a memorable experience in this area, which will be launched on our website in September 2016.

This temperate rainforest is considered a priority conservation site by conservation organizations. Many birds, mammals  and plants that do not exist anywhere else on Earth inhabit here. If we are lucky we will be able to see a Pudú, which is one of the three smallest species of deer in the world, measuring just 18 inches high at the shoulder and can only be found in the southernmost reaches of the South American continent. This area is also home to the monito del monte or “mountain monkey”. This is a marsupial that’s barely larger than a mouse, considered a living fossil because it is the oldest marsupial in the world and the only representative of the Gondwana period.

What´s more, approximately 58 bird species also inhabit the Valdivian Coastal Range. Through this trail, if you pay attention you will hear the Magellanic woodpecker, which is the largest woodpecker in the world, and the red-legged and the rock cormorants, which use rocky outcrops to nest and raise their young. Also the Elegant Tern lives in this rainforest. This is a migratory bird considered to be near threatened due to its restricted breeding range.

Rare and endangered flora flourishes in the Valdivian rainforest as well, including the Olivillo trees, which are endemic and can grow up to 65 feet. They can survive more than 400 years and are especially adapted to the coastal saline environment. They represent relict populations that survived the breakdown of the Gondwana continent. In our hike we will have the chance to see these as well as the native Murta bush, which yield berries similar to blueberries, and can be harvested to make jam and syrup.

We look forward meeting you and your family in this new adventure trip. For further information and requirements visit our website www.amity-tours.com

Check out our Atacama Desert Hiking Experience!

Atacama Desert Hiking Experience
Atacama Desert Hiking Experience
Atacama Desert – Moon Valley, Chile

At Amity Tours we have designed the best hiking experience in the Atacama Desert. Our guests can expect to enjoy one of the most spectacular landscapes in Chile in the driest desert in the world. We have created a 6 days program were you will be able to hike along amazing valleys, gorges and salt flats. Our experienced guides will share with you interesting knowledge about the native flora and fauna, geology and local culture.

We will explore the salt mountain range where the famous Moon Valley and Death Valley are located. This range forms a natural barrier between the salt flat and the Pacific Ocean. Moreover, we will visit archeological sites such as the Pukara de Quitor, which was built during the last stage of San Pedro cultural development between 1,000 and 1,500 BC. It was constructed in order to protect the inhabitants and goods of the area against the constant attacks of neighboring groups. The walls of the central part of Pukara have been reconstructed so that you can imagine what the settlement was originally like. We also will visit the Archeological site named Tulor, located 10km from San Pedro de Atacama. It was constructed at the beginning of the Christian age. This settlement is a clear example of how sedentary life arose in this area, with a highly developed level of ceramics, textiles, metallic tools, agriculture and livestock. This small village, from around 2,880 B C, had a population of approximately 150 to 200 inhabitants during that period.

Atacama Desert Hiking Experience

During our trip we will hike through the Rainbow Valley, a fantastic  place surrounded by  hills of amazing colors like violet, grey, calypso, red and blue, that are super rich in minerals. Furthermore, we will visit the Andean Lagoons which comprise a rich biodiversity. Here you will be able to partake in birdwatching and encounter three flamingo species, as well as different kind of finches and the beautiful Andean Avocet.

If you want to experience these activities and more, check out our website www.amity-tours.com We look forward to meeting our guests. If you need further information please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Confirmed fixed departure date for Bike & Hike Tour Nov 26th 2016

Bike Hike Tour NOV 2016 Confirmed Departure

Bike Hike Tour NOV 2016 Confirmed Departure

Hiking Lonquimay Volcano

Confirmed fixed departure date for our Bike & Hike Tour November 26th 2016.

Amity Tours is announcing a confirmed fixed departure for our Bike & Hike 6 day Tour on November 26th, 2016. We have our first guests confirmed and we will be happy if other enthusiastic people want to join them on a great adventure in the Lake & Volcano District. This tour has been planned with the perfect blend of activities, including biking and hiking in a unique place in Chile surrounded by volcanoes and ancient forests.

We will visit the amazing Sierra Nevada, travelling alongside the Lonquimay River and the Kutralkura Geopark. We’ll bike the Geopark territory through the lands of different Pewenches communities. What´s more, we’ll hike towards Cerro Coloradito (Red Hill), which is a natural lookout point of 4 volcanoes: Lonquimay, Llaima, Sierra Nevada and Villarrica. The hike has amazing views and almost no other people on the trails. We’ll be surrounded by an ancient forest of araucaria trees, some of them dating over 2,000 years old. Moreover, we will be able to bike towards Pucon´s famous hot springs and relax in warm thermal pools.

We also will be ascending the active Villarrica Volcano. This is without a doubt a once in a lifetime experience. The climb is not technical, but you need to be in good shape to reach the summit. After 4 or 5 hours we’ll reach the live crater at 2847 meters above sea level. The views from the top are absolutely mind-blowing, overlooking five lakes and several volcanoes in the distance such as Llaima and Lanín. The descent is quite fun, especially when we can slide down the snow on our rear ends.

If you need further details about this and other Amity Tours bike & hike programs, feel free to visit our website. We look forward meeting you in November 2016.

Hiking in Chile early bird discount up to 300 USD

Hiking Tour Patagonia Experience Torres del Paine Chile

Hiking in Chile 2016-2017

Hiking in Chile Early Bird discount up to 300 USD.

Hiking in Chile Early Bird discount up to 300 USD
Hiking in Chile, Kutralkura Geopark

If you are one to get connected with nature through hiking experiences you must visit Chile and try what Amity Tours had prepared for the coming 2016-2017 season. Imagine yourself hiking through ancient forests, desert trails, glaciers, lakes, rivers and volcanoes. You will be able to discover amazing places, getting the chance to learn about ancient cultures and about flora and fauna native species.  You will discover Chile with an experience that will surprise you day by day. Chile is home to some of the most impressive sights in the Southern Hemisphere and to some of the world’s most classic trekking routes.Continue reading

Bike Tours 2016 – Early Bird discount up to USD$ 350

Bike Tours 2016 Chile Early Bird

Bike Tours 2016 – Early Bird discount up to USD$ 350

Bike Tours 2016 Chile Early Bird Discounts. Safe up to USD $350 in your next bike tour to Chile during 2016 and 2017. Road Cycling Tours Chile.

Nothing compares to the outstanding sense of journey you experience on a Biking Trip. It’s the excitement of discovering under your own capacity, riding from one amazing place to the next one. It’s the freest way of travel you’ll come across, giving you the chance to choose how your day discloses. You are able to pedal at your own speed discovering and experiencing amazing natural areas in Chile.

This upcoming spring we will be launching our bike programs at Amity Tours! We have designed the best experiences for those who want to discover and ride through The Lake & Volcano district and the Atacama Desert Backroads. Check our Bike Tour Chile 8 Days and our Bike Tour Chile 12 Days  programs were you will be able to bike along the Lake and the German Settlers route. Moreover you will experience riding alongside rivers and valleys enjoying unique views of the Volcanoes and discovering the Vicente Perez Rosales National Park and Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve.

If you want more adventure on your trip try our Mountain Bike Atacama Desert Tour  that will  take you off the beaten path, into areas not accessible by vehicle and trodden only by local natives and their llama or goat herds. We will encounter small villages, geysers, altiplanic lagoons, valleys, archeological remains, Andean wildlife along with the most spectacular desert and mountain landscapes, always crowned by high dormant volcanoes.  We also have designed a Mountain Bike Tour at the Lake & Volcano district were you will ride through protected areas such as the Conguillio National Park and the Villarrica National Park.  In this district you will discover magical places like Las Raices range and the Ojos del Caburgua waterfalls.

Our Bike & Hike Tour has been specially made for intermediate and advanced road bikers and hikers.  This is a perfect blend of activities that bring the Lake & Volcano district to life. You will experience old Araucaria and Nothofagus forests with an intimacy that is only possible when you travel on foot or bike. You will be able to connect with local communities and natural history. The most astonishing sightings await when you bike & hike with Amity Tours!

We have Early Bird discount up to USD$ 350 and Free bike rental if you book now. Check our web site for further information. www.amity-tours.com

We have set dates starting on October 2016 for our Bike Tour Chile 8 Days

  • October 29th to November 05th 2016,
  • November 12th to 19th 2016
  • December 03rd to 10th 2016,
  • January 21st to 28th 2017
  • February 25th to March 04th 2017
  • April 01st to 8th 2017Road Cycling chile 2016

Ski Season opens June 2016

Ski Season South America opens June 2016

Ski season in South America opens June 2016

Amity Tours is anticipating the new Ski Season in the Southern Hemisphere this year 2016 (July, August and September). We have been notified that the ski centers in The Lake & Volcano district of Chile and Argentina will be open very soon. We are expecting to have the best powder snow and weather conditions at Corralco, Villarrica and Cavihahue Ski Centers. We have designed our ski tours for beginners to expert skiers and snowboarders.

Imagine having the confidence to go exactly where you want to go at the speed you choose to go at. To be able to slow down or speed up at will, control your descent on ice, control your speed on steeper terrain, know how to cope with a fresh fall of snow, handle crowded slopes and narrow paths. Imagine how liberating it would be to move around the mountain knowing you can cope with anything that comes your way. This season you will be able to experience this and more!

Amity Tours has designed different options to enjoy the snow this coming winter. Check our Ski for Beginners  program starting on July 2016 where you will be able to improve your technique at uncrowded ski resorts (Villarrica & Corralco). Professional ski instructors will help you to experience the Southern Volcanoes that combine Araucaria, snow and mountains. If you want to experience off piste skiing during August 2016 check out the Ski Tour Chile & Argentina program. You will be able to ski at the Caviahue ski resort in Argentina, enjoy skiing and climb the Villarrica volcano and discover the Huilo Huilo biological reserve. What’s more, we also have designed a program for those who loved to be on the top of the world! Our amazing Ski Tour Chile 7 volcanoes  starting on September 2016 permits you to climb the highest summits at the Lake & Volcano district and ski on and off piste through amazing ancient Araucaria forests. We look forward to seeing you this winter 2016!

Check our Ski tours and rates at www.amity-tours.com

Adventure Family Trips Chile 2016

Adventure Family Trips Chile 2016

Adventure Family Trips Chile 2016 Amity Tours – Adventure Family Trips

Everyone at Amity Tours is a parent. We all believe that travelling as a family could be a great experience in order to discover and enjoy nature and its landscapes. We also consider that family trips expose children to different cultures and experiences enhancing their relationships with the environment.

Imagine you are able to hike through ancient forests, climb a Volcano, ride bicycles, practice rafting and horseback ride through different landscapes with your family. This could be an inspiring experience for you and your children. Everyone gets to have fun, recharge and relax

We are happy to announce that we are working hard to develop Adventure Family Trips in different areas in Chile. What’s more we are testing them with our own families.  We will have trips at the Lake & Volcano District, the Atacama Desert, Easter Island, Patagonia and Chiloe Island. Our trips will be designed for families with children between 4 to 7 years old, 8 to 12 years old and teenagers. We look forward to launch them in July 2016!!!!

Skiing Family Trips, July, August, September 2016

Spring & Summer Family Trips December 2016, January & February 2017

Find your next Family trip to Chile here https://www.amity-tours.com/tours/