Words From Our Clients

Year after year we get to meet the most extraordinary people. People that after being on a bike tour or a ski tour for just 8 or 12 days become friends for lifetime. The best part of being in a bike tour or a ski tour with clients is that we are giving them the lifetime experience they came looking for. Not only do we have a great time on our bike tours and ski tours, our clients appreciated all our work and they let us know!Continue reading

Amity Tours Chile Celebrates 10 Years !

In August 13th, 2003, my father Alejandro Levy, founded Amity Tours, a family-owned and operated tour company, established in the South of Chile.

Looking back in these 10 years, my heart starts to beat faster, I remember with fondness almost every moment. I only have words and feelings of gratitude to my father Alejandro. He didn’t teach me about business or tourism, he never lectured me about my behavior, he only taught me how to be a good man, and he did it with his example, even today.

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Chile and Argentina 12 Days Bike Tours

Coming up in just a few months, we are very excited about our Bike Season 2013-14 Chile-Argentina.  Discovering these 2 beautiful countries on your bike is an experience you will never forget. Our Chile-Argentina 12 days Bike Tour is one of our favorite Bike Tours of the season.  Not only do we take you down the best back roads of Chile and Argentina, you experience different cultures of two neighbor countries on your bike.Continue reading

Chile and Argentina Ski Season News 2013

Our 2013 Chile-Argentina ski season has arrived and it came with lots of snow! Last week most ski centers invited all skiers to come and enjoy the snow for free! Our wonderful Villarica Volcano was covered in snow and the sun was shining….people had the chance to enjoy fresh snow and beautiful views free of charge!

Now that the season is here with great snow, we are looking forward on taking our clients to the new and improved Corralco Ski Resort which now has one of Chile´s most beautiful Hotel and Spa. This amazing beautiful hotel is not just comfortable and luxurious, it has great views! One of the best views of the Lonquimay Volcano. The resort also has 3 new lifts, a new cafeteria and faster access to the volcanoes crater!Continue reading

Bike Tours Chile = Happy Riders

For the past 10 years we have been giving the best quality service to our clients in all of our tours.  Our Bike Tours Chile have always been our most memorable tours of the season. We have always met extraordinary people and have always ended each tour with a big smile.

During our last Bike Tour around Chile, we met an amazing group. They came to Chile for our Chile 8 Days Bike Tour. We knew they loved to ride and that they were excited about coming to Chile for the first time. But we didn’t know how good they were! Not only were they good riders…they were amazing people that made the tour, one of our best Bike Tours Chile of the season!Continue reading

January 12-19, 2014 Bike Tour Chile-Argentina

One of our best bike tours of the season this 2014 has only 3 spots left! This amazing Bike Tour around Chile and Argentina is a must on your list of places to ride around the world!

If you are already planning your next Bike Tour…why not a Bike Tour around Chile? Even better, a Bike Tour around Chile and Argentina!  Coming to Chile can be a long way from home so might as well ride to Argentina while you are here.Continue reading

Ski Season Chile – Argentina 2013

Winter has ended along with one of the best ski seasons ever in the northern hemisphere. Here in the southern hemisphere, ski season is on its way. In just a couple of months we will be skiing all around The Lake and Volcano District of Chile and Argentina.

We are looking forward to all of our 2013 Ski Tours. Whether you come on one of our Beginners Ski Tours or our famous 7 Volcanoes in 13 Days Ski Tour around Chile and Argentina…we want to show you the best Ski Tour you have ever been on! We will be visiting some of the best ski resorts in South America and staying at some of the most unique and beautiful hotels in Chile and Argentina.Continue reading

Bike Tours around Chile and Argentina 2013-14

Have you thought about where you are going this year for a bike tour? How does a bike tour around Chile and Argentina sound? Visit The Lake and Volcano district in Chile and Argentina and discover this beautiful area on a bike. 

This 2013 and 2014 Bike Season starts in November. We have bike tours running from November 2013 until April 2014. Let us know what you are looking for on your next Bike Tour in South America and we will even tailor-make the tour you have always dreamed of.Continue reading

Chile-Argentina 8 Days Bike Tour Confirmed

Chile – Argentina 8 Days Bike Tour Confirmed!

One of our best bike tours of Chile and Argentina has been confirmed for Jan 12th -19th, 2014!  This awesome bike tour will take you down the most beautiful back roads of Chile and Argentina.  In just 8 days, you will discover nature like you have never seen before, active volcanoes in just about every corner and beautiful lakes that you will ride along side for miles!Continue reading

Amity`s Ski Tours around the Lake and Volcano District of Chile and Argentina

How do we keep the cost down but give you the experience you deserve? It’s very simple, we show you a good time and take you to the best ski resorts of Chile and Argentina in all our tours! It doesn’t matter whether you are in one of our Luxury Ski Tours or if you are in one of our Budget versions…the snow will be great no matter if you are staying in a 5 Star Hotel or a nice comfy cabin with a warm fire.Continue reading

Guru of Fly Fishing at Lake and Volcano District

Friends of Amity Tours, check out this great video of Brian O’Keefe, the guru of fly fishing. He will show you how excellent conditions are in the Lake and Volcano District of Chile for fly fishing. If you are interested in more information about any of our Fly Fishing Tours, check out the following link: Fly Fishing with Amity Tours

You can also send us an email if you wish to know more details: info@amity-tours.com

Day of an Amity Tours Guide during our Ski Season Chile – Argentina

Each year as winter approaches, it is impossible not to feel that itch that all guides and staff feel when we know that in a few months we will be with tourists on top of a volcano, looking inside the crater and thanking God for allowing us to be there at that exact moment.

The day of an Amity Guide starts from the very beginning, picking up the clients at the airport. The following days that come after meeting everyone and having a great welcome dinner is as follows:

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Seven Volcanoes in 13 Days Ski Tour

One of our favorite ski tours has always been our Seven Volcanoes in 13 Days Ski Tour. The name says it all. Imagine in just 13 days, you get the chance of a life time to climb and Ski down some of Chile´s most active volcanoes! It’s more than just your normal Ski Holiday, it´s an adventure you will always remember as one of the best ever!

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10 Reasons why you should ski with Amity

1.- As a local tour operator, we provide the best prices, good deals and great offers to our clients.

2.- Amity Tours specializes in ski tours around Chile and Argentina making us one of the leading Tour Operators in The Lake and Volcano District.

3.- After 10 years of experience, we can definitely say ¨ we know our Clients¨, so we make sure we take care of every need and wish our clients expect of a ski tour in Chile and Argentina.Continue reading

Amity’s Chile – Argentina Ski Season 2013 takes you to Corralco Mountain & Ski Resort

This year we decided to add a little more luxury to our ski tours around Chile and Argentina. We have designed ski tours according to your every need. Not only do we want you to have a great time skiing, we want to show you the best accommodations Chile has to offer. Places so beautiful, you will never forget your 2013 ski tour in Chile.

Located in the slopes of the Lonquimay Volcano in the south of Chile, this beautiful mountain resort is surrounded by the most amazing Araucaria Forest (Monkey Puzzle Forest). Not only is the place beautiful, it has the best snow you can find in Chile!

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Working with WWF Chile for the development of special interest tourism in private conservation

Through our “sister company “, Austral Design Lab, the beginning of a market study for private conservation areas grouped into the private association “Asi Conserva Chile”, www.asiconservachile.cl started.  This study gathers information of outbound market niches associated with the conservation tourism, ecotourism, scientific tourism and voluntary tourism. Note that these private areas are totaling 1.000.000 acres in Chile!Continue reading

Skiing season early birds will get great discounts to ski in Chile!

This year Amity Tours came up with some amazing ski tours in the Lake and Volcano District of Chile and Argentina. If you didn´t already go on your ski vacation by now, don’t worry, start planning it now! Our 2013 ski season doesn´t start until July. If you are an early planner, send us an email and let us know if you are interested in any of our Chile- Argentina or just Chile ski tours!

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First time Asian clients on one of our 12 days Bike Tour!

January 2013 went by quickly. The beginning of the year brought along our first group of friends from Thailand! We had the pleasure to take our first time clients on our Chile- Argentina 12 Days Bike Tour. Our clients arrived in Santiago, and after a couple of days, they were back on a plane to come even more south to our favorite little touristy city of Pucon. The tour started and our clients were on their bikes and when they weren´t riding, they were hiking some of Chile´s and Argentina´s most beautiful National Parks. In 12 days, they were able to see these two beautiful countries, experience a different culture and accomplish the most amazing bike rides they could have imagined!Continue reading

TripAdvisor News

We are happy to tell you that we are in 4th place in Tripadvisor! We want to thank everyone who left their comments about the tours they experienced with Amity. We are always happy to hear back from our clients so if you have a couple of minutes, let us know what you thought about your experience with Amity Tours! The one thing we as a tour operator care most about is your opinion and to hear that you had a good time with us is something we always look forward to reading or hearing about.

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Highlights of Amity Tours Chile

Southern routes to the most unique, beautiful and comfortable Hotels the South of Chile has to offer.

Whether on a Ski Tour, Bike Tour, Fly Fishing or Hiking Tour with Amity. We will take you down the most beautiful breathtaking routes you could ever dream of.

For several years now, we have been surprising and fulfilling every aspect of a good Bike Tour our clients had before getting here.  We have done this by finding the most beautiful routes in Chile and taking them there on their bikes and after a day of beautiful scenery, rewarding them with comfort and hospitality.Continue reading

Villarica National Park Hike to the Glacier

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure to join our clients on a hiking trip to the glacier. The day tour to the National Park started off in the little touristy town of Pucon. We picked up our clients from their hotel in the middle of downtown Pucon and we were on our way at 8 a.m. to the Villarica National Park.

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Chile Ranked #1 by Adventure Tourism Development Index 2012

We, Chilean people usually say ¨Pucha que es linda mi tierra¨ which means: ¨Damn, my land is beautiful! Often foreigners who hear us believe that we are just saying that due to high doses of Chilean wine glasses.
Well now, we are not the only ones who think our country is beautiful and the closest thing to paradise where you can develop tourism associated with natural and cultural resources.Continue reading

10 Reasons to come to Chile on a bike tour with Amity Tours.

1.- We are a local tour operator, your last link in the marketing chain, the company that you are looking for to pay less!

2.- We understand that our customers are unique and therefore require personalized attention from the very first email to the tour itself.

3.- We know that our customers come to relax, enjoy and to learn a little bit of a new culture, so we make sure they leave the tour saying WOW…what a beautiful country!

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An Extraordinary Summit in Lucerne, Switzerland!

Three weeks ago I arrived in Lucerne, Switzerland.

While I have always considered my job to be as close to an eternal holiday as it gets (because I love it), the reason for my visit was to participate in the Adventure Travel Trade Association, ATTA, Annual Summit where Amity Tours has been a member for the past year.

My wife asked me, how it went? And after still being in post Switzerland shock, I simply said “extraordinary”!!
Then, when the shock was gone, I wondered why the first thing that came to mind was “extraordinary” and these are my 5 conclusions:Continue reading

A Story For Tomorrow – Chile Video

Take five minutes of your time, relax, and take a look at this amazing video of Chile, from North to South, you can get a glimpse of what a nice Country Chile is. We are waiting for you with open arms!

Bike Tour Season 2012-13 in Chile and Argentina Has Arrived

After a wonderful Ski season, we have packed our skis and now we´re back on our bikes. Our Bike Tour Season is here and we are looking forward to meeting and making new friends!

It´s already October and the sun is shining, flowers blooming….spring is here! If you didn´t get enough cycling the last few months, no worries, here in the South, it has just begun. We are getting ready to jump on our bikes and enjoy the best views, food, wine, hotels and company this Bike Season is coming with!Continue reading

Patagonia and Estancias Bike Tour Chile

Looking to explore Chile´s Patagonia?  This exclusive Bike Tour is just what you are looking for.

In this 5 days Bike Tour, you will be visiting the remote valley of Las Chinas, where you will enjoy the beautiful view of Torres del Paine, one of the most breathtaking views in the Patagonia.

This Bike Tour comes with a little bit of everything.  You will horse ride to a condor´s nesting, ride by a Laguna inhabited by Flamingos and black-neck swans and just ride off the tourist circuits into the most beautiful landscapes with the purest air on Earth!!

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Chile Snow Report – August

  • Pucón – Villarica Volcano

The volcano is covered with fresh snow! For the next couple of days, there will be heavy snowfall, not much winds and a dusting of new snow during the week. The snow will be perfect for some backcountry skiing this week plus the weather looks pretty good, perfect to enjoy the breathtaking views. This ski center is not only great for the advanced skiers, its perfect for all the beginners too.
(max 2°C on Mon afternoon, min -12°C on Wed night).Continue reading

8 Days of Road Cycling in The Lake & Volcano District of Chile & Argentina

Summer time is passing by way too fast and before you know it, your cycling days will soon be over in the northern hemisphere.  If you didn´t get to cycle this summer or you didn´t get enough, planning a trip to Chile is something you should be thinking about.  Our cycling season starts in October, the beginning of spring time here in Chile.

This year´s 8 days cycling tour is just what you are looking for. You will have the chance to discover The Lake and Volcano District in Chile and Argentina in just 8 days on your bike!

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2012 Adventure Travel World Summit

Amity Tours will be visiting Lucerne, the famous lakeside town in the heart of the Swiss Alps for ATTA´s 9th Adventure Travel World Summit. This great event taking place October 8-11th at the KKL Luzern will be a great opportunity to meet some of the world´s best adventure tourism professionals.

If you are attending this great event, please feel free to contact us so that way we don’t miss out on meeting during the summit. We are very excited to meet other adventure tour operators. We feel that this will be a great chance to meet future work partners! If you are interested in any of our tours, Cycling, Skiing, Hiking and Fly fishing, we would be happy to show you what our tours are all about!

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Chile and Argentina Ski Season 2012

Without a doubt, the 2012 ski season in The Lake and Volcano District has begun!  All ski centers are open and after a couple of snow storms, there´s powder everywhere! Not only there´s snow, for the last couple of days, the sun has been shining and skiers from all over the world are walking down the streets of Pucon.

For the next 12 weeks, we will be skiing in some of Chile´s and Agentina´s best Ski Centers, staying at the best hotels and lodges and most importantly eating the best food and wine Chile has to offer.

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Chile Snow Report – July

The time is here, when we can start looking at the weather forecast for snow!

The next four days in Pucon:

The rain in Pucon has not stopped yet. Sounds like bad weather but it´s not, this only means that the Pucon Ski Center will be opening its doors very soon! If conditions allow it, the ski center will open July 5th.  Right now, it is snowing up there so let’s just hope to be up on the slopes this Thursday!!

(max -3°C on Sat morning, min -13°C on Sun night)

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London to Paris Challenge Completed Succesfully!

When German, partner of Amity Tours, decided a year ago to participate in the London to Paris challenge, he never imagined he would live one of the best weeks of his life.

The Amity Tours Team consisted of Daniel “Pinut” Chung, Stephen “Chepo” Posada and German. These guys cycled successfully the 510 km from the city of London to Paris, leaving the name of Amity Tours Chile in the minds of all participants.

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Mapuche Culture in The Lake and Volcano District

In most of our hiking tours, we get to experience and see how the Mapuche live and who they are.  The Mapuche are the indigenous people of south-central Chile and southwestern Argentina.  They share a common social, religious and economic structure as well as their own language called Mapundungun. This group of people makes up about 4% of the Chilean population and they are particularly concentrated in the Araucania Region, the place where most of our Bike Tours, Hiking Tours and Ski tours in Chile take place.

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Ski Resorts of Argentina – Lake and Volcano District

Caviahue Ski Resort (Caviahue)

Located in the province of Neuquen, this ski center in Argentina is on the base of the Copahue Volcano.  At 1650 meters above sea level, you will also find a small town called Caviahue, a beautiful lake called Homonimo and a forest of Araucarias.  This is a place where the scenery is so beautiful, you won´t find it anywhere else.

This place has really good powder snow every time you are there.  Off-piste skiing in this center is great.  Just imagine skiing on the slopes of the Caviahue Volcano between the snowed covered Araucarias.  If you have never seen Araucarias before, this is a place where you will enjoy these beautiful trees.

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Ski Resorts of Chile – Lake and Volcano District


Nevados de Chillán Ski Resort ( Nevados de Chillán Volcano)

This year with Amity Tours, we will be skiing in this lovely ski center, a place where if you are traveling all the way down south to Chile, you have to ski here! This place is located at 1,530 meters above sea level, in the Bio Bio region.

The ski area of 10,000 hectares has 33 runs, 9 lifts, and one of the longest runs of 6.5 km.  We will be cat skiing, off-piste skiing, and even try out the snowmobiles this place has to offer.  After a long day of skiing, this ski center has Hot Springs! It has 9 pools of this incredible thermal water.


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Visiting Attractions with Amity Tours Chile: Lakes

Villarrica Lake

The Villarrica Lake is one of the most amazing lakes you will see on our Road Cycling Tours and from the top of a volcano in our Ski Tours.  It is so big that when you are on the shore whether it’s in Villarrica or in the Pucon side, it looks like the ocean.

This beautiful lake is also known as Mallolafquen in Mapuche language (the indigenous people of the area) and in its pre-historic days it was a ¨creataceous lake¨.

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Amity Tours proud member of Adventure Travel Trade Associaton

Hi everyone!

This month we are happy to tell you that we became members of Adventure Travel Trade Association!

Being part of this tourism global community was very important for us.  We are always interested in learning new industry knowledge.  Our company is always growing and with ATTA we will contribute to the growth of this wide industry.   The most important part of being part of this community is also that it brings us one step closer to our customers.

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Luxury Ski Tour Chile

A luxury ski tour is something that any skier would take a little over a week off work for. This ski tour has a little bit of everything.

You will ski almost every day, go sledding with huskies and enjoy an afternoon at the beautiful Geometricas Hot Springs.

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Welcome to the new website of Amity Tours

mtb patagonia

Welcome to the new website of Amity Tours, www.amity-tours.com  your local operator in The Lake and Volcano District of Chile and Argentina.

We are pleased to invite you to check out our new tours for backcountry skiing, road cycling, hiking in national parks, and fly fishing in The Lake and Volcano District of Chile and Argentina. All of these tours are fully operated by our experienced local staff, and are carried out with the highest quality and safety standards. All of our 2012 tours have been improved thanks to your feedback in order to offer you the best adventures of your life.

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