Day of an Amity Tours Guide during our Ski Season Chile – Argentina

Each year as winter approaches, it is impossible not to feel that itch that all guides and staff feel when we know that in a few months we will be with tourists on top of a volcano, looking inside the crater and thanking God for allowing us to be there at that exact moment.

The day of an Amity Guide starts from the very beginning, picking up the clients at the airport. The following days that come after meeting everyone and having a great welcome dinner is as follows:

GUIDOAn Amity Tour guide wakes up early…6 am every day of the tour! They don’t just wake up early to be prepared on time for the day’s adventure; they wake up early so that they have enough time to eat a great breakfast.  Amity’s guides are famous for eating huge breakfasts, these guys are athletes and they need to eat well!Tam piccies 225

After their famous breakfasts, they make sure the clients mountain and ski gear is all ready and safe for the day’s journey.  After everything has been checked and in order, they head to pick up the clients at the hotel 30 min before meeting time with a big smile every time!

Once they are all ready to go climb and ski down their first or last volcano of the tour, our guides go through a quick briefing of the day….this happens every day.  They make sure you know what’s going on and where you are going every day of the ski tour.

Once we are in the van, we drive to the volcano to climb it. Amity’s guide makes sure everyone is going up safely and that people get enough water.  When getting to the top of the volcano, the guide receives you with a cup of hot chocolate, can’t get better than that.  After the summit, the guide is always the first to go down…he leads everyone. He takes pictures of the clients while going down. Pictures usually get posted on facebook at the end of each day.

At the end of the day, the guide gives the clients a big hug for accomplishing the climb and skiing down the slopes of the volcano.  He is the one that helps clients put away all ski gear and then takes them to the closest bar to have a nice Beer!  Something our clients really appreciate.GUIDO_2

After taking the clients back to their hotel, he or she goes back to make sure all gear is ok and always checks the weather for the next day. Goes to take a shower, gets dressed up, nicer than usual to show our clients that he/she cares and wants to show them the best. Then off to pick up the clients to take them to the best restaurants in town!

The nights are always nice. Our guides and clients get to talk about the day’s adventure while talking about how good the food and wines are in Chile!

The experience of a ski tour with Amity is not just the skiing and amazing food and wine, it’s also the people you meet, whether it’s other clients, our drivers or just our wonderful guides that care and want you to have an amazing experience every time you travel with Amity Tours.

You will have the experience you came looking for on our ski tours. With our guides, you will never feel not taken care of. They are always there to make sure you are always safe and always having a good time. They are the last ones to go to sleep and the first ones to be up in the morning.  If you need anything….you know they are there.

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