Amity Tours is proud to announce that we are supporting the Torres del Paine Legacy Fund.

Since our first year of operations in 2003, our commitment has always been to contribute to the sustainable development of our country through the practice of “Responsible Tourism”. This is one of our most important values.

Amity Tours is fully committed to the people of Chile and the World in order to conserve the ecosystems that are present within the Chilean territory. One of the most spectacular destinations in Chile is Patagonia, the region where you can explore and discover Torres del Paine National Park.

However and without a doubt, tourism in Torres del Paine National Park is growing. Increased traveler visitation is directly correlated to positive economic benefits for the region and provides a strong opportunity for community development. To ensure the long-term sustainability of this growth investments are needed for the responsible management of the destination’s unique cultural and environmental assets. The park has suffered three major man-made forest fires since 1985, and the increasing foot traffic from the growing number of travelers along the iconic W and Circuit treks has put the trails in need of repair.

The Legacy Fund believes that each new traveler to Torres del Paine represents a new opportunity to give back, and seeks to transform each arrival into a reason for hope and action. In partnership with public and private entities that cater to travelers in the region, the Legacy Fund works to promote social and conservation issues before, during, and after stays while also investing both financial and human resources into action projects that promote solutions for long-term destination growth.

Amity Tours’ commitment with this cause is to allow every traveler going to Torres del Paine to support the conservation actions in Torres del Paine National Park.  This can be done by donating money or your time and work, if you can, to participate in some of the conservation actions.

The Legacy Fund Mission is to work with travelers, businesses and local residents to prioritize sustainable development concerns and solicit resources to invest in the long-term health of Torres del Paine National Park.

The Legacy Fund Vision is for Torres del Paine National Park to be seen as a world-class destination where visitors work in parallel with residents to promote conservation through travel and tourism.

Legacy Fund Objectives:

  • Repair the ecosystem and minimize visitor impacts
  • Update and improve tourism infrastructure
  • Support community development
  • Enhance recreation opportunities and tourism product


You can support Torres del Paine in different ways:

a) Sign-up for a trip to Torres del Paine. When you take a trip to Torres del Paine with us, you are automatically donating USD $50 for conservation actions within the park. Those actions are developed by The Legacy Fund and Fundación Patagonia.

Our best trip to Torres del Paine is called Patagonia Experience in Torres del Paine

b) Increase your donation. When you book a trip to Torres del Paine you can opt to donate more money for conservation actions in the park. In our booking form you’ll find the option to donate USD $100 or USD $200 in addition to the USD $50 that are automatically donated.

c) Donate your time and work. If you want to donate your time and work, please let us know and we’ll help you engage in conservation actions during your stay. This can include invitations to already planned activities or developing activities for groups of travelers. At its most simple the Legacy Fund can always meet with travelers during their stay to provide an information session to them over a coffee at KAU lodge in Puerto Natales.

d) Donate more. If you loved your trip to Torres del Paine and want to contribute even more to conservation actions, you can donate us much as you want using the Sustainable Travel International website, just click in the link below.

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