Our Story

Founded in 2003, Amity Tours is a family-owned and operated company that was created in response to the immense opportunities for diverse and attractive programs that can be offered in Chile. We started up our operations in The Lake & Volcano District (Chile and Argentina) and now we also cover the Atacama Desert and Patagonia.

Nowadays, Amity Tours operates tours all over Chile and in most parts of Southern Argentina. With the experience gained since 2003 and the great feedback we have received from our clients, we have now developed attractive excursions along with offering tailor-made programs to fulfill the special interests of our clients.

Likewise, we continue our pledge to preserve the natural beauty of the Southern cone. Accordingly, we have programs exploring the ancestral roots of the country, led by friendly local specialized guides.

In this light, we offer Hiking tours in over 30 National Parks from the Atacama Desert to Patagonia, active Bike tours in The Lake and Volcano District and the Wine Region, Conservation tours in private Land Trust and Indigenous Communities, Family Adventure tours in Patagonia, volcano-climbing across The Andes, and Skiing tours on volcanoes. And of course, we spice up all of these great trips with the best local wines and food, insights into the local flora and fauna, ethnic discoveries, and trips to natural hot springs.

Our Key Elements


You’ll find these key elements in all of the travel experiences we create.

ADVENTURE: We are an adventure travel company and we understand “adventure” as and experience where culture and nature are the main pillars. We specialized in sport activities such as biking, hiking, and skiing, but we also understand that that comes with excellent service, comfortable hotels and great local food, wine and beer.

PEOPLE: You’ll find a true friend in our experienced and professional team of guides and drivers. They will show you the best of Chile and Argentina. You’ll get to know our country and meet local people at every destination.

NATURE: This is the best part, we are blessed with a country with amazing nature. We’ll make sure you see the best of it and discover the hidden corners that will make you hold your breath in awe.


Our Mission

Our commitment as a company is to contribute to the sustainable development of our region through the practice of “Responsible Tourism”. This commitment implies giving a high degree of importance to the values of local people, local traditions, which is reflected in the use of local guides, the selection of lodgings in locally-owned accommodations and the carrying out of our activities in wild protected areas. This is one of our most important values.

All our efforts aim to help the protection of our very fragile environment and to maintain the larger amount of income generated by tourist activities in the local area. Both of these factors are of great importance for our communities and for the people that visit us.

Adventure. People. Nature.

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