At Amity Tours, we understand that Conservation Outreach is an activity of providing services to ecosystems and local communities who might not otherwise have access to those services. These services may include monitoring wildlife, site cleanups, trail maintenance, teaching English and building wilderness park facilities.

A key component of our vision of conservation outreach is that the people (travelers) providing it are not stationary, but mobile; in other words they are meeting those in need of outreach services at the locations where those in need are. In addition to delivering services, outreach has an educational role, raising awareness about wilderness conservation.

Amity Tours is fully committed to the people of Chile and the World in order to conserve the ecosystems that are present within the Chilean territory.

This commitment goes much further than just respecting these ecosystems during our tourist operations. Amity Tours leads and supports projects that are directly related to the industry’s sustainable development, as well as those associated with wilderness conservation by private and local communities’ Land Trusts throughout Chile.

Through our sister company, Austral Design Lab, Amity Tours invests all of the profits from the “nonprofit” tours into conservation projects on the national level. Among these projects, we can highlight the following:

a) Chile’s First Geopark, Kütralkura

Together with the Chilean Geological Survey, this pioneer project turned a territory with huge potential into a new sustainable tourism destination, where Geotourism, active volcanoes and Pewenche communities are the highlights of the tours and activities.

b) Conservation Tourism product design for Asi Conserva Chile

This project was developed with WWF Chile and “Asi Conserva Chile” (Chile’s Way of Conservation), the Chilean Land Trusts association for conservation areas These private and local community protected areas in Chile (Land Trusts) range from the Atacama Desert in northern Chile to Patagonia in the far south, comprising 1 million acres in total.

Our role in the project was to design and develop sustainable tourism programs, in conjunction with the owners of each Land Trust, the communities and local suppliers.

The project gathered information about market niches associated with conservation tourism, ecotourism, scientific tourism, and voluntary tourism. The project was funded in part by the Chilean government, with the ultimate goal of generating a new portfolio of tours that will position Chile as one of the World’s major Conservation Tourism destinations.

c) Community & Ethnic Tourism in the Kuel Valley

The Kuel Valley is a territory considered sacred by the Mapuche people, Chile’s largest indigenous group. This historical area has kept hidden some of the most important cultural heritage for these native people. Before the project, this rich cultural heritage and archaeological information was only shared among scholars and scientists. The community lived in poverty, ignorant of its own heritage. Thanks to the collaboration of Amity Tours and Austral Design Lab, this ancestral knowledge was given back to the Mapuche community, together with the know-how and tools to benefit from it in a sustainable way through ecotourism and geotourism. Today they foresee a better future and take great pride in their culture.

Be more than just a tourist, support nonprofit tours around Chile!

Amity Tours invites you to get involved in its tours and programs that promote the conservation of Chile’s wilderness and the development of local communities. You can choose to play an active role and make this ambitious goal possible. Like us, you can be committed to Chile’s fragile and unique ecosystems so that we can keep them as pristine as possible for future generations. Your money and personal support will directly benefit the conservation of the indigenous flora and fauna, as well as the wellbeing of rural communities of Chile.

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