Visit Atacama Desert with Amity Tours

Visit Atacama Desert with Amity Tours

Visit Atacama Desert with Amity Tours.

We open our own operations in Atacama, the World’s Driest Desert

Visit Atacama Desert with Amity Tours

We are very proud and happy to announce to our clients that we have started our own operations in the Atacama Desert. We have two hiking trips starting in December 2016 and January 2017.

Whether you like hiking, indigenous cultures or are looking for a Family Adventure, all our guests will discover amazing landscapes and enjoy incredible sunrises and sunsets. Travelling with Amity Tours through the Atacama Desert is an unforgettable experience that will provide a unique opportunity to explore one of the best remote destinations in Chile.

Imagine hiking through the Moon Valley located in the Salt Mountain Range. This range forms a natural barrier between the Pacific Ocean and the Atacama Salt Flat. Its statuesque geological formations are interesting to admire. Salt emerges to the surface, covering it with a dry, whitish layer that gives the place a lunar characteristic.  We will hike a gorge, passing through caves and rocky formations that have been sculpted by the water and wind.

What’s more, we will be hiking through an enchanted canyon located at 3.200 meters over the sea level. This canyon was formed by volcanic eruptions from the Sairecabur Volcano and its surface has become great haven for Cacti to grow. We will be able to enjoy waterfalls and birdwatching while walking through ancient shepherds trail.  The Atacama Desert has one of the clearest skies in the world due to its low humidity and precipitations. It is great for star gazing; so after a great hiking day you can enjoy a stargazing tour in order to learn about the Southern Hemisphere constellations.

The Atacama Desert provides its visitors the chance to discover Andean Lakes, saltflats, Hot springs and Geysers located at 4,000 meters over the sea level. At this altitude we are able to appreciate endemic fauna such as Flamingos, Andean Goose, Vicuñas and Vizcachas as well as endemic  flora species.

Finally we will give you the opportunity to learn about the Likan Antay ancient culture. The indigenous community will teach us about their traditions and daily activities. We will taste their local products enjoying an Atacamenian lunch, walk through the desert joining an Ancestral Caravan with Llamas and learn how to prepare Pataska, which is the traditional dish of the Atacameños.

Check out one of our best Atacama Desert Hiking Tours and sign up for your next adventure in the driest desert in the World.

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