Amity Tours is launching new products in the Atacama Desert this coming season

Amity Tours is launching new products this coming season.

During the past weeks we (Amity Staff) went scouting to San Pedro de Atacama in order to re-design incredible tours in this area. We hiked through amazing ravines in the Salt Mountain Range and in an ancient cacti valley. Moreover we were able to experiences amazing sunsets in the Atacama Salt Flat and enjoy the clearest sky while stargazing. Furthermore, we were able to visit Andean villages such as Socaire, Toconao, Caspana, Machuca, Rio Grande and Ayquina. We were able to share with the local Lickan Antay communities and become impressed with the amazing landscape that surround the quaint village of San Pedro de Atacama.

We are designing a great 9-day hiking trip in the Atacama Desert. Our hikes will cover all of the ecological features that surround the town; the Salt mountain range and its magnificent geological formations; the Atacama Salt flat and its different lagoons (both of them located at 2400 meters over the sea level); the ravines located between 2800 – 3400 meters over the sea level where we will discover great flora species and the Altiplano, where we will discover particular ecosystems composed by birds species, plants, mammals and bacteria. Here, over 4000 meters over the sea level we will hike through the Tatio Mallku geothermal field and trough high salt flats immersed in the Andes Mountain Range. This trip will be a great experience that will connect you with the silence and spaciousness that only exist in the desert.

Moreover, we are designing a cultural bike trip. This initiative will be perfect for those travelers that love to bike, learning about an ancient culture and how its communities are trying to bring their traditions back. The goal of this trip is not to use vans. All of our activities will start and finish in your hotel using only bikes. We will discover great archeological sites with our specialized guides. Also we will learn from the Lickan Antay people as they share their traditions, cosmivision and typical food. We will be able to bike towards the salt flat discovering an amazing landscape and biodiversity. We will learn the most hidden secrets that exist in the tiny oasis located in highest and driest desert of the world.

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Laguna cejar Atacama Desert

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