Bike Tours in Chile October and November 2016

bike tours chile october november 2016

bike tours chile october november 2016

Bike Tours in Chile October and November 2016

Nothing compares to the outstanding sense of journey you experience on a Bike Tour. It’s the excitement of discovering under your own capacity, riding from one amazing place to the next. It’s the freest way of travel you’ll come across, giving you the chance to choose how your day unfolds. You can pedal at your own speed, discovering and experiencing amazing natural areas in Chile.

This upcoming Spring (October and November 2016) we will be launching our bike programs at Amity Tours! We have designed the best experiences for those who want to discover and ride through The Lake & Volcano district and the Atacama Desert backroads. Check out our Bike Tour Chile 8 Days and our Bike Tour Chile 12 Days  programs where you will be able to bike along the Lake and the German Settlers route. Moreover, you will experience riding alongside rivers and valleys, enjoying unique views of volcanoes and discovering the Vicente Perez Rosales National Park and HuiloHuilo Biological Reserve.

If you want more adventure on your trip try our Mountain Bike Atacama Desert Tour  that will take you off the beaten path, into areas not accessible by vehicle and trodden only by local natives and their llama or goat herds. We will encounter small villages, geysers, altiplanic lagoons, valleys, archeological remains, Andean wildlife along with the most spectacular desert and mountain landscapes, always crowned by high dormant volcanoes.We also have designed a Mountain Bike Tour at the Lake & Volcano district, where you will ride through protected areas such as the Conguillio National Park and the Villarrica National Park.  In this area you will discover magical places like Las Raices range and the Ojos del Caburgua waterfalls.

Our Bike & Hike Tour has been especially made for intermediate and advanced road bikers and hikers. This is a perfect blend of activities that bring the Lake & Volcano district to life. You will experience old Araucaria and Nothofagus forests with an intimacy that is only possible when you travel on foot or bike. You will be able to connect with local communities and natural history. The most astonishing sightings await you when you bike & hike with Amity Tours!

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We have set dates starting on October and November 2016 for our Bike Tour Chile 8 Days

  • October 29th to November 05th 2016
  • November 12th to 19th 2016
  • December 03rd to 10th 2016
  • January 21st to 28th 2017
  • February 25th to March 04th 2017
  • April 01st to 8th 2017

We have set dates starting on October and November 2016 for our Bike Tour Chile 12 Days

  • November 12th to 23rd 2016
  • December 27th 2016 to January 07th 2017
  • February 19th to March 02nd 2017
  • April 02nd to 13th 2017

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