Family Activities in Valdivia Family Adventure Trips

family activities in valdivia family adventure trips
family activities in valdivia family adventure trips
River Market – Feria Fluvial in Valdivia City

Family Activities in Valdivia, Family Adventure trips.

Amity Tours has designed a Family Trip in the Valdivian Jungle located in The Lake and Volcano District. Most of the activities have been planned in national parks, and private reserves, all of them wilderness protected areas. However there are some fun activities that we chose within the city. Valdivia was crowned the capital of Chile´s newest 14th Region of Los Ríos. It is the most important university town in southern Chile and, as such, offers a wide variety of venues and activities related to the arts, cafes, restaurants and bars. It also boasts of having Chile´s best craft beer culture and a refreshing dose of youthful energy and German effervescence.

River Market in Valdivia

One of the experiences we will offer is a visit to the River Market or “Feria Fluvial”. After a ride in a solar water taxi along the Calle Calle River, we will arrive at the Feria Fluvial. This is a lively riverside market located to the south of the Valdivia Bridge, where vendors sell fresh fish and seafood, fruits, veggies and local products. Waterfront sea lions have discovered the Promised Land here, as they float around all day, eating as fish mongers throw them scraps from the daily catch.

Carpa de la Ciencia in Valdivia

Another activity we have chosen for our clients is to visit the “Carpa de la Ciencia”. In this place there are always exhibits regarding different scientific areas. For example there have been exhibits about the evolution of communications in the past century and every year it has been used as the meeting point for participants of the Valdivian International Film Festival. The place was built in 2010 with the idea to bring science closer to the community, providing a good opportunity for families to learn and experience new things.

Chocolate and Marzipan Factory in Valdivia

Finally we would like to bring our guest families to the Entrelagos chocolate factory. This is a traditional place located in one of the main corners of the city center.  It was created in 1976 and since then the owners have been working to develop the best artisan chocolates and marzipan in the south of Chile. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy this beautiful city with your family and Amity Tours. We are launching this tour and more tours throughout Chile on our website in September 2016.

You can find similar tours in our Conservation Tours section. One of the most popular tours is called Valdivian Jungle Ecotourism, a 4 day tour that visit this fantastic area in the Pacific Coast.

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